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By now you might have heard that K1 fucked up hardcore in sorting out a way for people to watch their event. The show starts at 3pm in Japan (1AM EST), but isn’t being broadcast anywhere until 7pm (5AM EST) in condensed format. Those who want to watch the show in it’s full format need access to SkyPerfectTV, which will air the event in an 8 hour format at midnight (10AM EST). Of course, none of this is any good for you if you don’t live in Japan or have access to some impressive satelite service. HDNet isn’t covering the event, and the only official source for people wanting to stream this event over the net has bowed out due to ‘satellite issues’.

So where does that leave all of us? Well, at this point I’m not too sure. Basically I’m stuck hoping that some kid in Japan with a decent internet connection will be streaming the show to the rest of the world. Ain’t that fucking funny that everyone is having to rely on some random people across the world with some dodgy computer gear to stream a major mixed martial arts event? It’s fucking pathetic that the ‘pirates’ do a better job of spreading information than big companies, but that’s how it goes across a lot of the entertainment spectrum.

Long story short, no one really knows what’s going on or what’s going to happen tonight. Here’s what I can tell you in regards to what we here at Fightlinker will be doing:

  • Esther is gonna be live at the Dynamite show and was mentioning that she’s going to try and liveblog it to some degree. If she gets that going, we’ll make sure to keep all spoilers tucked past the jump.
  • I’ll be up at 4AM EST with fingers crossed that the TBS version of the show will be streaming somewhere. I’ll update you guys if I learn anything else between now and then.
  • Worst comes to worst, there is no stream at 5AM EST and again I’ll be crossing my fingers that the SkyPerfectTV version ends up streaming online at 10AM EST. I’ll go to bed and wake up around 9AM and we’ll do coverage from there.
  • We’ll open the chatroom once we know there’s a way to watch the event.
  • Once I get access to watch the event, I’ll be doing posts for the interesting fights as the night goes on.

As you can see, everything is all fucked up, which is really goddamn annoying and I CURSE ALL THE COMPANIES INVOLVED : FEG, HDNET, AND EVERYONE ELSE. Shame on you for being unable to pull off shit that a couple of computer nerds with basic cable internet could accomplish.