Evan Tanner Rumor Wagon back on the road!

Oh, woe was me when his imperial highness Dave Meltzer reported that Evan Tanner was not under contract to the UFC anymore. And now, do I dare to open my heart up to the possibility that our favorite character in MMA is going to step back in the ring? Yes, I do!

According to Jorge Oliviera (a training partner with Evan), Tanner will be returning to the octagon at UFC79 against Dean Lister. Of course, this is friend of a friend type information, but I’m sure by Tuesday the information will be repeated so much that it will magically become true. As Luke Thomas has taught me, if you don’t shake the tree then how you gonna get the coconuts out?

  • http://www.ufcdaily.com UFCDaily.com

    I heard rumblings of this earlier this week but I cannot understand matching up 2 viable middleweights when the division is weak as it is.

  • http://www.fightlinker.com fightlinker

    MW division is hurting for a contender after Rich Franklin … if this matchup happens it’s probably a fast track for whoever wins to a title shot.

  • http://yahoo.com Jonathan

    Last I heard, Evan Tanner has been training with yaks and swordfish.

  • Frizz

    I am excited to see Evan back in the octagon. He is a bit looney, but a good guy.

  • Lord Beasley

    “As Luke Thomas has taught me, if you don’t shake the tree then how you gonna get the coconuts out?”

    Coconuts? You climb the MFing tree, old chap.

    Evan is a good young man and I wish him well. Just practice that butterfly guard Tanner.

  • http://www.fightlinker.com fightlinker

    As predicted, tuesday rolled around and about 15 news sites linked my weak rumor! Yay internets. Now the only question is: Did MMA on Tap get their information from a different source or are we all just cycling the same damn rumor from the same damned source?

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