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Everyone hates Kevin Iole

Look like I’m not the only person who isn’t the biggest Kevin Iole fan in the universe. Sure, he redeemed himself from being a total cockgobbler with his steroid articles, but he still writes a lot of whack shit. Considering he’s making a decent living writing garbage like that I’m here wallowing in my own filth writing MMA’s equivalent of War & Peace, it’s kinda annoying. And finally, someone else agrees with me: Dr J from MMA HQ.

I’m glad more people are throwing their hat into the MMA Asshole ring. For a while I was worried it was just going to be me, Luke Thomas, and Zach Arnold (although he’s more of a grinch than an asshole, technically).

  • Jonathan

    Dude…Fight Opinion is totally sucking your cock on their radio show.

  • Zach Arnold

    That’s sure a poor choice of words on your part…

  • Jake

    We’re being called snarky? That’s like a 18th century ribbing. “Oh Fightlinker, thy is so snarky!”

  • fightlinker

    Don’t discourage people from giving us da love!