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Everyone needs some Sean-Fu

Last week’s Low Blow featured another two bits. Since our retarded Freestyle episode, everyone has been clamoring for more Sean Connery, so we decided to give his martial arts system Sean Fu a commercial spot. And then there’s the return of Danny ‘The Colossus’ Abaddi featured in our Friday Night Fight ad.

Sean Connery presents: Sean-Fu

Friday Night Fights Advertisement  

  • Matt

    Damn you trebeck!

  • Swedish guy

    classic piece of advertisement, but don’t see the need to download it separately :-p

  • John

    Danny Abaddi is a legit top contender

  • Cyrus

    yeah. I agree with Swedish guy, I was pissed when I realized I already heard this.. by the way that freestyle episode was probably your best ever.

  • Swedish guy

    What’s with the lack of content/pictures/rants and raves and everything? You guys can’t spend an entire weekend in fkn Ohio and not have millions and millions of stupid pics, audio bites and horrific stories to share with us apart from that already posted.
    All the commentators seem to have died as well. And this just two days after I saw 28 weeks later… coincidence? I think not.

  • groda

    Classic stuff

  • Matt

    I love it but it’s old guys..

  • Swedish guy

    Oh and by the way! It’s you who spoiled us with a few hundred posts a month, we’re addicted as fuck. If you were to put up a Paypal-button I’d be glad to donate but until you do KEEP WORKING FOR FREE AND GIVE ME MY DAILY FIX OF AWESOMENESS!!!

  • Jake

    We post the bits to get people who don’t normally listen to the show a taste of what it’s like. You guys are just hungry for some hot fightlinker action

  • kentyman

    “Call now and order this two disc… cassette tape.” Awesome.

  • fightlinker

    Just an FYI, the way it goes is the ads are available only in The Low Blow for a week and then the week after we release the ads as self-standing mp3s.