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Exclusive Interview with Jesus H. Christ

Jesus Christ is one of the MMA world’s foremost fighter sponsors. With such big name fighters as Rich Franklin, Matt Hughes, Wanderlei Silva, Randy Couture under his expansive loincloth, Christ is a major player in today’s MMA landscape. I bumped into him in Starbucks and he took time out from his busy schedule to let me ask a few questions.

Interview follows.

MARTIAL FARTS (MF): Howdy JC, thanks for taking the time to speak with me.

JESUS H. CHRIST (JC): Not a problem. Always got time to speak to fans of the sport, and I’m a big fan of your blog.

MF: Sweet. Can I call you JC?

JC: Actually, I’d prefer it if you didn’t.

MF: Is it alright if I put JC down on the website though? It’s kind of a hassle to keep typing out Jesus Christ all the time, so-

JC: Well, if you must, I mean- I am- like- the saviour of mankind and it’s the least you could do to call me by my full title, but whatever.

MF: Thanks. So, what are you up to these days?

JC: Well, you know. Just juggling all my fighters, promotional appearances, book signings, that kind of thing. You know the bible is in its seven thousandth print run, now.

MF: I didn’t know that. I’m not really a religious guy.

JC: Oh, well. You know. That’s a pretty good run.

MF: Congrats. Tell me more about your fighters.

JC: Right now we are having some contractual disputes with Rich Franklin. Since he got his face rearranged twice in a row by Anderson Silva, who is also religious but not currently sponsored by us, things have gone a bit sour.

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  • Roxy

    That was quite amazing. XD

  • Burtonchik

    I’ve never seen a starbucks with an air hockey table in it

  • _vendetta

    ROFL, love this kids work man, such imagination.

  • Hammer

    If I saw even Jesus in one of those goth/afliction tshirts I would have to point out that only white trash boys wear those things. Or poor bastards under contract that have to wear them. I hope that fad dies a quick death. I thought A. Silva was owned by Jesus as jesus wont let him box over the hill Roy Jones.. Good move jesus, you need to keep your religion above reproach (embarassment).. Starbucks is also a church right??

  • MadMan


  • ftro
  • RL Dookiefuck


  • kentyman

    I thought he was more of a foosball guy. I heard his goalie is omnipresent.

  • RevolutionMMA

    LMAO that was hysterical