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Fabricio doesn’t know…

If Fabricio Werdum has really been released from his UFC contract, it’s news to him:

“I’m surprised with this news. My sister is my manager and shes the one that deal with the UFC and she always contact me first before every decision is made and from what I know UFC didn’t contacted her. I still have 4 more fights left on my contract until 2010. From what they told me I should fight in February, July, November and April of 2010. In fact, I’m moving to the USA because I’ll prepare for those fights in the UFC with Rafael Cordeiro.” said Werdum that is finishing all the details to move to USA in December…

So according to Fabricio, he’s still under contract. But it’s important to note that the UFC has deleted his bio from their website, which is usually a good way to tell if someone has been shitcanned. Is this another case where the fighter is the last person to know about what’s going on with his career? Or did MMA Weekly make a little factual oopsie on this one?

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