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Falcao’s camp downplays female assault charge

Maiquel Falcao’s recent arrest has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. One second it doesn’t seem like a huge deal because it happened in 2002. Then you find out it involved a woman and your internal statute of limitations grows. Now Falcao’s camp is back with more information and they say he wasn’t even really involved in the assault he was found guilty of:

According to Falcao’s camp, the Brazilian originally was sentenced to a 24-month house arrest in 2002 after an incident at a night club in Brazil in which a woman was assaulted. Falcao, who at the time had not started his professional fighting career, was at the party but insists he was not involved in the assault. Nevertheless, Falcao was ordered to pay a fine and take part in community service.

Eight months into the original sentences, Falcao moved to a new home. His lawyer advised him that the Brazilian authorities would have no issue with him completing the sentence in a new location.

Falcao’s management team says Falcao also was ordered to check in periodically with the authorities. Unfortunately, his lawyer at the time did not inform Falcao of the additional responsibilities, and the fighter was noted as a fugitive, a representative said.

Here’s hoping someone looks deeper into this than just taking Falcao and his people at their word. It’s my personal opinion that anyone who hits a woman deserves to be attacked and beaten by several dozen Roger Huertas, and anyone who stands by while his friends do something like this are still responsible. As War Machine found out, you don’t have to be the person doing the assaulting to get wrapped up in charges. Still, at this point things are obviously not as clear cut as they were before, and maybe Falcao ain’t the psycho we made him out to be. Maybe.

  • SST

    That was 8 years ago and she fucked his best friend, so deserved a smack in the head.

  • CAP

    Bros before hos even in Brazil!

  • cochra27

    SST, you are a tool dude.

  • SST

    cochra27, And you’ve never been married.

  • cochra27

    How exactly does marriage condone assaulting a woman? I’ll take that as an admission of guilt. For your sake, I hope she doesn’t choose to seek vengeance because there is a little clause in the legal code that allows for the execution of douche bags like you.

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  • cochra27

    Anger issues eh?