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Falcao’s friend Kaue Mena is really messed up

Maiquel Falcao managed to escape the gas station brawl he started without any serious injuries … unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his friend and former featherweight prospect Kaue Mena. He was initially listed in critical condition and while he is still alive it does not sound like he is in good shape:

The coroner of Balneário Camboriú, Hugo Sérgio Pretto did some exams in the MMA fighter Kauê Mena that remains hospitalized since the street fight in a gas station. Stimulated, the fighter responded by squeezing de doctors hand and moving his eyes.

Despite the responses, the situation of Kauê remains critical. According to Pretto’s research, the fighter have internal bleeding and lost a lot of brain mass. It was needed to remove the top of his head through surgery, due to his brain’s swelling.

Aaaah, so many bad words there … I can only hope Google Translate pooched it on words like ‘coroner’ (you never want to be checked out by one of those guys) and ‘lost brain mass.’ It sounds like they’re trying to determine if he’s a full on vegetable or not.


(pic via Kaue Mena’s Facebook)

  • Rhymezbullet

    he can now fight the winner of down syndrome vs cerebral palsy

  • CAP

    ^First he needs to defeat Brain Damage. Thanks Falcao.

  • http://s LjhoK

    What a poor guy,,, because he was in wrong place, Mena actually lost everything,,,, you know,, he is just 23 yaers old,, :( Even though I`m not that religious, I’ll seriously pray god to save Mena from being disabled,, or dead…I hope there will be miracle which can save the almost terminated life..

  • kwagnuth

    This really sucks but if you are hanging out with a guy who does that sort of stuff you are going to get caught up in some of his bullshit sooner or later. Unfortunately this bullshit may have cost him his life. He might be a good guy but he was hanging out with a major scumbag who probably sexually assaults women on a regular basis. I wonder how Falcao is sleeping these days.

  • jjdnb

    too bad it wasnt Falcao instead

  • Fightlinker

    the jerkwads never seem to be the ones who get it

  • Purple Drank


    This dumb punk DESERVED what he got. I hope he ends up being a vegetable for the rest of his life. Mad props to the guy who bludgeoned his face in and kicked him for the last (and final) time. I only wish they stomped his face into the cement after he kicked him.

    Falcao will get what’s coming to him. It wasn’t his first time getting into a fight at that particular gas station and it won’t be his last.

    Do not feel sorry for EITHER of these chumps.

    F**K kaue mena that piece of sh**, 7-0 MMA record? Make that 7-1 you disrespectful punk, I hope you DIE on life support!

  • seiken sho

    if i was falcao friend i wouldnt consent what he did i would stop him especially if he hits a girl you just cant defend someone who hits a girl c mon

  • Fightlinker

    Damn Drank, you’re pretty hardcore. Very few people deserve what happened to Mena.

  • Purple Drank

    Fightlinker, there was an interview in portugese with the gas owner who stated this was the fifth incident involving falcao and company. Same guys to the gas station and start sh** everytime and no one is held accountable. Well now they paid the price, with Kaue’s brain. His brain is damaged so bad from that incident it was a good lesson well learned for him. At least now he can’t use his MMA skills to hurt people because he is now a full on retard.

    By the way, falcao went up to the unsuspecting girl behind her and whispered “you wanna fu**?” That’s some dude’s girl and when she respectfully declined he hit her with his wallet. I’m proud of the men who honored this women by laying a beatdown on both of them. I don’t care if it’s falcao or mena I’m GLAD one of those disrespectful punks got hurt BAD!

  • Park

    Drank you fucking bum, go waist your own unimportant brain cells somwhere else. How can you possibly hate the guy who has nothing to do with this incident and never touched that whore, how can you wish him disgusting things like that and you don’t even know him? Or your parents raised you wrong or the street raised you instead. You are typical ghetto.

  • Purple Drank

    Park, I don’t see why YOU are wasting your brain cells defending scumbags like mena. I don’t NEED to know him to see that he was VERY WELL INVOLVED. HE THREW A PUNCH BEFORE FALCAO DID. Who cares if he didn’t touch that whore, he still punched some dude in the face. The way I look at it, they both got off EASY.

    This world has no place for guys like Falcao and company. You want to know why he was cut from UFC after ONE fight in November of 2010? *HINT HINT* HE ASSAULTED A WOMAN! That being said, WTF does that say about his character or the people with him? Is that the type of guy you revere and hold up on a pedestal?

    Maybe my parents raised me wrong or the streets raised me, but who are YOU to judge that? And if you say that you didn’t enjoy one second of mena’s face being pummeled to the ground you are either lying to yourself or full of SH**! That was MMA in its most purest, brutal form: NO REFS, NO STOPPAGE! This video riles me up especially that last part when he gets KICKED IN THE FACE and loved every second of that beating, knowing that mena will NEVER be the same again..

  • Rhymezbullet

    dude hitting a woman is NOT wrong
    it’s probably not a nice thing to do but If u get called a racist word its not the worst thing to hit a woman

  • alex

    hey purple drank or purple punk ,why dont u shut ur fucking mouth and stop talking shit.i wish i could get in front of u and smack you in the head and leave u in wheelchair to see if u like that ,idiot .

  • pat b from the projects

    purple drank …u scumbag fuck…your the ass motherfukcer that should have “not” been way…but in my hood …please bitch..come to me..or reveal your identity privately to me..please…i beg you..ill pay u a visit…trash pussy…

  • pat b from the projects

    purple drank …u scumbag fuck…your the ass motherfukcer that should have “not” been way…but in my hood …please bitch..come to me..or reveal your identity privately to me..please…i beg you..ill pay u a visit…trash pussy…ill fly to Kansas to meet ur ass…bitch!!!!

  • Nunya Buisness

    Yaknow, after watching yet annother video of a guy getting beat within an inch of his life for a minor altercation with a woman… and then watch the bitch just stand around while a person’s life gets ruined… I’ve come to a decision.

    If I find out a woman was the cause of such a massive fight, and she’s not in it, I’m going to cave her skull in with a pipe, before going to rescue the guy at the bottom of the pile.

  • Joe

    Kaue Mena looks like a young Alberto Del Rio so he probably wouldn’t have ever amounted to anything good anyway. On a serious note, none of us really know the details of why this happened so it would be silly to form such a strong opinion only based on what you have read online (which may or may not be true). This is the first I have heard of that being the fifth incident at the gas station from them, although Falcao’s history speaks for itself. I am against hitting women, but did his friend really deserve to die or be beaten that badly because of it? Their attackers seemed to have anger issues way beyond whatever the argument may have been. They were probably gangsters who deserve to be in jail anyway. Hopefully they are caught and punished and hopefully Falcao learned his lesson from this. It is very unfortunate for Kaue Mena, especially considering his age.