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Fallon Fox beats another woman

Transgendered fighter Fallon Fox had her first match since being outed as a former male this past weekend and it went as many expected it would: Fox was too big and strong for her opponent and used those advantages to control the majority of the fight. Allana Jones did a good job of keeping out of the way of most of Fox’s power shots but wasn’t able to generate any dangerous offense. She did take Fox into deeper waters than she’d ever been in before, lasting until the third round before getting caught in a … knee grind neck crank? It was a brute force submission and just another reminder that Fox has more power than your average female fighter. An unfair amount of power? Still up for debate I suppose, until she manhandles higher caliber opponents.

(gif via Zombie Prophet)

  • X

    That guy fucked that chic up.

  • glassjawsh

    she’s 38. unless invicta picks her up (like right now) she’ll be too old to ever make any kind of (sporting) impact.

  • Stale Chicken

    Transgender should not be allowed.

  • CAP

    Is that even legal? I’m talking about the knee neck crank on the ground, not the dude beating up women.

  • jjdnb

    He should not be competing against women. Even the Taliban have more respect for their women then we do apparently. Letting a man beat up a women, get paid for it and then praised for his “courage” is absolutely disgusting