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Fatass Challenge: Reboot!

Goddamn am I ever sore. Tonight marks the night that I went back to jiu jitsu classes. My membership at Tristar was up and because it was hella far away + getting overcrowded, I decided to return to GAMMA (aka Canadian Top Team with Fabio Holanda). It’s right downtown and they’ve got really good noon classes … about 10-15 really skilled individuals who are great to learn from.

I really enjoyed my time at Tristar; I learned a lot of really useful stuff. My ability to escape being mounted is near legendary … now if I can just stop getting mounted! But I am happy to be back at GAMMA. Fuck, I’m just happy to be back in classes at all. After 3 months off I haven’t forgotten much … drills went ultra-smooth and then I held my own against bigger and more experienced grapplers. One guy though … he had me in his closed guard and then got me in a guillotine, but instead of choking me out he arched back and separated every vertebrae in my back from midway up to my neck. Fuck it sucked balls. But at the same time I’m sitting here at home now, feeling sore … and feeling happy that I’m feeling sore.

It feels good to get back at it.

P.S. 214 pounds, bitches. And here I was worried I’d be back up above 220. Of course, let’s try not to think of how much muscle I’ve lost and how my body fat has gone way the hell up. Anyways, who gives a fuck? I’m gonna work my ass off and get back down below 210 real quick. I don’t know who’s ass I’m going to be kicking this summer, but it’s going to be someone’s.

  • godzillad

    Be careful you don’t end up kicking your own ass and have to go back into the operating room, it’s all too familiar *sad face*

  • marshal

    What was the deal, ass cancer?

  • Cecil’s Peeps

    GO Tristar and BTT Canada!

  • HexRei

    you’re a fat loser

  • Vale Tudo

    Hey ‘Link,
    I’m not sure where in Canada you’re located, but I’m here in Ithaca, NY. I’m at 215 as we stand. I’d be down for a match at 185 =)

  • operator

    Shit that guy saved you a trip the chiropractor you should thank him. Sounds like it was a pretty thorough ajustment.

  • Dangerfield

    Your 214 and theres alot of people bigger than you?

  • JoshMan

    Anyone with muscles that’s over 2 bills probably looks bigger than Fl’s flabby ass. Good luck with the training man.

  • Wu Tang

    210 is easy to get to. Since your hieght isnt that tall, ill say its mostly water on you.. Or shit. Either way, you can make it in 24 hours, just 30 min in a suana.

  • fightlinker

    Well, the overall goal is to be able to fight at 185. 209 was the walking weight i was at before I got sick, so that’s what I’m eager to get back to. Overall I’m hoping to get down somewhere around 195 walking weight in the next few months and see how i look there, make some choices based on that.

  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)

    If you’re doing OK after a 3-month layoff then you must be a natural! Good luck with getting back into a rythm. Consistency is key!

  • Swedish guy


  • fightlinker

    will do some on Thursday or Friday for next week’s