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FBI shoots MMA fighter in custody over ‘aggressive movement’

After we learned that Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev had trained with MMA fighters, I joked that half the Russians on Bellator’s roster would be getting a visit from the FBI. In retrospect, it’s not as funny of a joke any more:

A man being questioned in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings was shot and killed in Florida early Wednesday by an FBI agent from Boston when the agent “began to feel threatened,” ABC News confirmed.

Khusen Taramov said he and Ibragim Todashev were being questioned as part of the bombings by the FBI official and law enforcement officers in Orlando. Taramov said Todashev, 27, knew bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev because both were MMA fighters.

Taramov said they were interviewed nearly three hours, and at some point, “something went wrong,” and Todashev was killed.

“There was some sort of aggressive movement that led the FBI agent to believe he was under threat and he opened fire,” the law enforcement official told ABC News.

“When (Todashev) used to live in Boston, they used to hang out — not hang out — he knew him. They met a few times because (Todashev) was a MMA fighter and (Tsarnaev) was a boxer. They just knew each other. That’s it,” said Taramov.

That sounds pretty rotten to me … reminds me of the time UK police jumped an innocent man on the train and pumped his face full of bullets because they mistakenly thought he was part of the London train bombings. This is even worse though because the FBI had Todashev in their custody. When people start dying in situations like that, you really start to wonder what happened to your country.

*UPDATE* The Daily Mail’s version of the story includes many more details including the accusations that Todashev attacked the FBI agent with a knife and had confessed to committing a triple homocide in 2011. Also included in their article:

Taramiv says the FBI has been following him and Todashev since the bombings. He said that they were both being interviewed by agents late Monday before Todashev was killed. He claims his friend is innocent and that he has been targeted by authorities because he is a Muslim.

‘He was just a Muslim – that was his mistake, I guess,’ Taramiv, also a Muslim, told WESH. He said his friend is not an extremist and doesn’t believe he owned a gun. Shortly before the shooting, Todashev ‘had a bad feeling. He felt there’s going to be a set-up against him,’ Taramiv said.

Todashev gave him phone numbers for his mother and father late Monday just in case he got ‘locked up.’ ‘We had a feeling that a worse-case scenario, that something like [a shooting] is going to happen,’ Taramiv told the television station.

  • agentsmith

    The agent had been talking to him for 3 hours already, and THEN it got dangerous? WTF?

  • Reverend Clint

    I trust muslims as far as i can throw them.

  • KravMagoo

    Very odd story all around. I trust he wasn’t from Dagestan.

  • thingvolds

    It almost sounds like FL are embracing a conspiracy theory here. I knew you’d see the light sooner or later. By the way, my prediction of an Obama October surprise seems to have been confirmed.

    You’re welcome.

  • thingvolds

    another view of the October surprise I predicted in the Forums many months ago