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Fedor vs Snowman is official

Everyone’s favourite promotion M-1 Global announced yesterday that their (now not so) golden goose’s rumoured fight with Jeff “The Snowman” Monson is now all signed and official and such, and will go down at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow (the world’s first indoor bandy arena!) on November 20th.  So much for my presumption/hope that it would be held at an ” target=”_blank”>”Eastern Promises”.

Much like Fedor, The Snowman (42-12) is a career heavyweight who probably belongs at light heavyweight, but while Monson has recently expressed his intent to drop to 205 lbs, he’s yet to actually get around to it.  Unlike Fedor though, Monson’s physique looks more to be the result of too much horsemeat than too much ice cream.

This will be Fedor’s first MMA fight in Russia since he armbar’d blown-up middleweight Matt Lindland back in 2007, but unlike that joke, I think Monson is a rather appropriate opponent for Fedor at this point.  Before last year, we would have mocked him for fighting a middling old-schooler like Monson, but after being stopped three times in a row by dudes who either aren’t quite elite-level or aren’t in his weight class, Monson is the kind of guy that Fedor now needs to prove he can still beat.  Sure, Monson was completely outclassed in his last fight against Daniel Cormier, but these days I’d pick Cormier to beat Fedor too.

Both of their records are littered with subs (and cans), but Monson leans particularly heavily on his world-class submission game, and with Fedor enjoying a distinct advantage on the feet, don’t be surprised if Monson looks to get this one to the ground ASAP.

Photo stolen from courtesy of Monson’s Twitter.

  • frickshun

    Fedor is gonna box him up something fierce. Monson is not as athletic as he used to be & looks pretty old in fights lately.

    Nice to see you writing Smith!!

  • CAP

    ^I hope so. Fedor CANNOT lose this one and remain relevant.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I don’t see Monson getting Fedor down. so (T)KO.  Great write up – I personally saw it happening in a train yard, though.

  • kvelertak

    It’ll be a work. They will pay him to lose. haha

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Everyone pays Monson to lose.  Just not on purpose.

  • Reverend Clint

    sad but true like joans penis

  • Letibleu