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Fedor was too crazy for Gary Shaw

Gary Shaw talks about whether they ever tried to sign Fedor to EliteXC:

“I did try several times to get Fedor to come to EliteXC, but the numbers they were asking, there’s no fighter who was worth that. I wasn’t willing to meet their demands. I thought M-1 was very difficult to deal with. It wasn’t only Fedor. They wanted to be the co-promoters and the managers and they wanted you to put on so many Russian fighters of theirs on every show. Nobody’s worth that price. Maybe if Fedor would have had the right management from the beginning, he might have been in the UFC and been a huge star.”

And this is a company that blew through retarded amounts of money so fast even Affliction was like “Hey guys, your financials are a little iffy.”

  • KeyboardWarrior

    I used to be a nut hugger and all, but his name shouldn’t even be relevant these days.

  • CAP

    Crazy Russians.

  • glassjawsh

    just have a heart attack already gary shaw

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