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Fight Hotness: Felice Herrig

The only thing I like more than female fighter Felice Herrig’s toilet tweets are her bum shots. And as regularly as her bathroom breaks, she has provided us with this bounty. Considering all the material she provides, I’m amazed we haven’t done an in-depth Fight Hotness on her before. So let’s fix that up right now! Over a dozen pics of Felice after the jump. But if you want your booty straight from the source, it’s all about her twitter.


Can’t forget Felice is pretty good with her feet and fists too. Some action shots:

  • noiseless

    yeah yeah, we get it. “look at my delicious ass”..ass whore. ass whore, i love. your ass. sweet ass.

  • iamphoenix

    I want to roll her ass down a hill

  • Reverend Clint

    everything but her ass is horrendous

  • greenseed

    You’d let her stick her toes in your butthole, Clint.

  • Reverend Clint

    looks like penix

  • glassjawsh

    the one where she has a black eye is hot when you pretend that you gave it to her while her right hand was firmly clenched around your larynx while her left index finger is slathered in tapatio sauce and gold bond medicated powder and ever so slowly working its way down my love trail (in the back)

    this all while im simultaneously trying to work a cinch grip to contort her labia like a balloon at a childs birthday party….

    which only makes her squeeze my throat harder until i can’t breathe and start seeing those little black bars out of the corner of my eyes that move closer and closer until it’s either hit the bitch or black the fuck out

    yup, pretty hot

  • kwagnuth

    Put Cyborgs face on her and I would still fuck her but strictly doggy. Then I would avoid eye contact and politely ask her to leave please.

  • noiseless

    she’s cuteface when she’s fighting. then she slowly goes dogface again. you can easily see this in the photos where she is kneeing some dyke in the ovary, and where SM-glove ll cool j is controlling her wrist and pointing at her tits with his creepy racist smile, presumably after the fight with the mentioned dyke. see the transformation is reverting? me neither, she looks like a dude on all of them. thank you.

  • noiseless

    but dude has a beautiful shitter.
    i’m gonna log out now. HAHA, GEDDIT?? hahaaa…shit.

  • fightlinker

    y’all are nuts. Felice is the hotness

  • noiseless

    did..i see her ask you for a date on the twittah, fightlinker? or was that just a hash induced psychosis??

  • Giallo

    Her face looks fucking horrendous in that first pic, why didn’t you use the pic with towell on her head as the main picture? I definitly wouldn’t kick her out of bed, cause I’d be scared she’d knee me in the boob.

  • CAP

    She’s proud of dat azz and for good reason. That face is hit or miss though but could be a lot worse.

    I remember that hot staredown too from a while back. What weight does she fight at?

  • G Funk


  • Komodo

    I remember her on that Fight Girls show along with Michelle Waterson. They need to bring that shit back asafp.


  • Grappo

    ^^ that’s where I first saw her, and I didn’t dig her much back then… but I think now that’s just because I was so completely smitten with Kerry Vera and Michelle Waterson. 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    When they introduced themselves I thought she said she was an Anesthetician, which I thought was pretty impressive for a fighter.  Then she never seemed very sharp. and was focused on hair and makeup.

    I think it was three or four episodes in that I realized she was really an Aesthetician.