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Fight Hotness: Natasha Wicks needs our help!

Natasha Wicks was pretty much the most bomb diggety octagon girl in the history of the UFC. So when she asks for a little help I’ll gladly oblige. I figure it’s the least I can do after all the boners. She’s trying to win a Vegas Top Model award and needs you to go to their site and vote for her. Yes you have to input an email address (any email address, really), but that’s a small payment considering all the bum, boob, and general hotness she has provided us jackals with during her UFC run. 20 pictures after the jump!


  • frickshun

    I’ll help in any way I can. Except if I have to DO anything.

  • sharaab

    My 2nd favorite ring girl after Ali Sonoma. Bring ‘em back, Dana!

  • noiseless

    #1 right there, time to vote

  • Letibleu

  • noiseless

    lies, diego. lies.

  • Herculoid

    It’s just sad that someone thought Chandella would be an acceptable replacement for her.

  • UberShmact

    Well it’s only fair.

  • agentsmith

    By FAR my fav UFC girl ever.

  • Symbul


  • fightlinker

    Yeah still have no idea wassup with Chandella. She hasn’t connected with the fans or media. I know lotsa people say it’s racial but it’s just that she’s not that hot. Get us a beautiful nubian goddess from brazil!

  • G Funk

    Why is my acces denied to the boob link?

  • thingvolds

    natasha and logan were the hottest fo sho.

  • mmaddict89

    i still wish they would bring Natasha and Logan back and replace Chandella.
    why the fuck can’t i use the boob link?

  • KeyboardWarrior

    those canvas shoes they wear make them 30% uglier. They need porn heels