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Fight Hotness: UFC 133 Octagon Girl Chrissy Hubbard

In the wake of Brittney Palmer’s shitty shitty shitty decision to go get educated n stuff, we had Transworld Motocross model search winner Chrissy Hubbard as an Octagon Girl at UFC 133. Like the several Hooters guest girls of yore, I doubt we’ll be seeing her again. But how could we let her pass through the hallowed history of UFC chicks carrying placards without memorializing the event via a Fight Hotness post? 10 more pictures after the jump.


  • iamphoenix

    she only has two faces.

  • Spicoli

    She has a face?

  • Redping

    nice spelling

  • noiseless

    she bores the shit outta me

  • repenttokyo

    where’s the pic of her holding a cigarette and a baby?

  • glassjawsh

    this is exactly how arianny wanted it. she is the slightly expired but still delicious meat in between two haggard slices of marble rye

  • frickshun

    She suxx.

  • CAP


  • Billytk

    This SUCKS if Brittany is really done as a ring girl she is/was by far the best they had

  • Elisabeth

    Real talk thats how I feel about my favorite fhietgrs, give it ur all win or lose but sadly I didnt leave the Jones vs Rampage fight with that feelin honestlyAnd yes American MMA fans fuckin suck, not sure how it is in the UK or Canada but they’re arent many people I meet that I can have a decent MMA conversation with. Most of the bitchin haters r usually fagget computer nerds anyways which makes up 90% of the people on this website. The rest r just ignorant as hell, the type of fans at the events screamin when the camera comes around with a beer in their hand hopin for a knockout.

  • hzcwiyk

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  • wmtoohxhwk

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