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Fighter Craps Out of TUF, Settles for Fly-By-Night MMA Organization

Fighter Craps Out of TUF, Settles for Fly-By-Night MMA Organization

In case you missed it (and since we’re talking about The Ultimate Fighter, which is now airing on Nickelodeon-4-Infants or the Black Entertainment Television channel or something, you probably did miss it), last night’s episode of TUF 18 saw one of its fighters fail miserably in his attempt to make weight. Cody Bollinger, who’s male and therefore part of the uninteresting half of the current season that often features girls getting beaten up, had to get down to bantamweight for his fight against some dude with impeccable eyebrows. Unfortunately, as he usually fights at heavyweight, Bollinger could not – like, really, he could not. Like, “crying in a bathtub, whimpering in a sauna, moping around on a treadmill” could not. So he gives up. Which led to Dana White lining up all the TUFers and berating Bollinger in front of them before giving him the boot.

(For a synopsis of the episode, go here.)

Did Bollinger screw the pooch? To hear White tell it, the bantamweight-wannabe not only took a dump on his own future, but the future of another fighter who could have made weight and run with the opportunity. Thankfully, we have Twitter to make these judgments for us!

Whatevs, dude. You’re fat.

Of course Roxy is going to be nice.

Da fuh?

Sorry, but this guy is just not funny.

Hi Cody!

Yeah, well, where are you going to be fighting when they’re gone in six months?

  • Dustin Hays

    Bad news bro… While $1000.99 is technically a six figure contract, the decimal point is in a worse spot than a UFC contract.

    Best wishes though

  • ivan54321

    this fucking site is obsessed with that horse face roxy..shes hideous and a terrible fighter so she must be the sister of one the writers or curious

  • Jim Genia

    You jelly?

  • robthom

    I think she’s kinda cute.
    But then I’ve got a disposition for Greek girls.

  • robthom

    What is this ultimate fighter that you speak of?

    It sounds horrible.

  • Jim Genia

    No, it’s great. If you’re living in 2005.

  • ivan54321

    if you think shes cute i think youve got a disposition for Greek really should address that issue