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Fighters land the hottest chicks sometimes

The only way I keep myself from coveting these fighter’s women (coveting is a sin, it says so in the Commandments!) is by telling myself they’re probably the craziest bitches in the universe. There’s definitely a co-relation between crazy hot and batshit crazy. The hotter a girl is, the more batshit crazy she can get away with acting. I’m not saying all hot girls are crazy … I’m just saying they know they can get away with it and they often do just because they can.

So without further ado, here’s some more pics of fighter’s girlfriends!

Diego Sanchez’s fiance:

Phil Baroni’s GF … or is this the chick that left him and caused a total meltdown in his life?

Vitor Belfort’s girlfriend, who looks like she has back problems.

Elvis Sinosic’s Girlfriend

Elvis Sinosic’s GF’s tits. Also, notice the size of this chick’s pythons!

Forrest Griffin’s GF. Boobies!

Shogun Rua’s GF

Tim Sylvia’s GF

Dean Lister’s ex. Unsubstantiated rumors have her telling Dean “I hope you get your fucking ass kicked” right before his fight with Arona. With women like that, who needs to fight in the octagon??

  • Tommy

    Getting a bitch and keeping one are two different things.

  • Tommy

    Funny how some of the fighters lose their fight, then lose their girlfriend. i.e. Josh Burkman Ahh true love is great.

  • DannyP

    That’s Shoguns wife IIRC

  • Ryan

    Sylvia’s GF looks like she’s still in high school. And about 200 lbs lighter. Seriously. Well, maybe not that much lighter… those tits have to weigh like, 20 lbs a piece, easy.

  • Amy Robinson

    All the showers in the world won’t wash the creepy off after that Sylvia pic.

  • nois29

    I’m glad Jenna/Tito was not in this list.

  • Mr. Theplague

    My penis can’t decide which way to point.

  • blake

    these girls are all fine, but they’re not supermodels or anything. i don’t want to sound ultra judgemental, but i’m actually surpised their aren’t more uber-hotties here. think about it; for all the girls in the world who like “bad boys,” wouldn’t fighters be the ultimate marks? …just my two cents.

  • John

    half these guys woulda gotten the girls fighter or not. think Elvis’s losing record gets his women hot?

  • ajadoniz

    Timmy is doing good, unless that pic is victim to myspace-angles.

  • Ted Dibiase

    im gonna have nightmares of tim sylvia kissing me and trying to convince me to get a matching tattoo with him.

  • Ted Dibiase

    just from looking at these pics, id take Rua’s GF


    A lot of these guys do very well. Chuck Liddell does damn good.

  • Accomando

    “…these girls are all fine, but they’re not supermodels or anything…”

    Rua’s is.

    And, generally speaking, supermodels have the bodies of young boys to please the queer fashion designers. You are gay dude.

  • Ryan

    I feel kinda pathetic for looking it up on myspace, but Timmah’s gf is definitely a victim of the myspace angles. And no longer his gf, actually. And is 23 (Tim is 31). And has a 3 year old. And has $5,000 fake boobies. And is named “Jazzy.” Woo!

  • Matthew Watt

    “And, generally speaking, supermodels have the bodies of young boys to please the queer fashion designers. You are gay dude.”

    So true, so true.

  • fightlinker

    Ryan – myspace links pleeeeze!

  • dignan

    Sinosec and his GF must have a lot of money.

    To actually have enough to have her forehead replaced with a fivehead can’t be cheap.

  • dignan

    I forgot to mention about Sylvia’s lady. She looks cute, but she’s all torso and a couple of nubs. That is actually a full body photo. I am still surprised he got got a stump like her.

  • Josh Man

    I twould fuck the dogshit out of all of them. And if you wouldn’t, I believe you might be gay. Good to see Matt Hughes’ wife not on there.

  • Matto

    Jeez Phil Baloni’s girlfriend has a fuckin huge right arm.

  • Ryan
  • Tommy

    She’s hot to me. However my girl doesn’t call me ‘her buddy’

  • Ted Dibiase

    “Jeez Phil Baloni’s girlfriend has a fuckin huge right arm.”

    not to mention how hairy it is