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Fightlinker invades BetUS radio

If you THIRST for more Fightlinker radio coverage, then today is your lucky day, my friend! Our friends over at BetUS had us on their radio show today for 30 minutes of fun, laughter, and even a few tears. We break down the MMA podcast scene and ask “Who the fuck was responsible for it, anyways?” Also, we discuss if Mark Cuban is going to leave MMA as a steaming pile of rubble, and what our thoughts are on Kimbo Slice and EliteXC. Last but not least, we play ‘word association’. Guess how many words it took before I said something terribly offensive.

All in all I guarantee this show is way more entertaining than anything playing on television this afternoon. So go here to listen to the show!

  • Lifer

    I listened.

  • fightlinker

    You now have ear syphilis

  • kentyman

    “Zero to poopy-pants in 1.2 seconds.”

    I loved how his impression of Mauro Ranallo sounded like Quagmire from Family Guy. Good stuff.

  • jackal-matt

    Did you do that interview from a turkish prison camp?

  • fightlinker

    worse … on an iPhone

  • Schifftis

    Is there a copy of the audio not on the Bet US website? My company blocks all gambling sites.

  • jackal-matt

    you guys did a good job.