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  • Fightlinker Jackal

    How much?

  • clint notestine

    Holy shit I can’t stop laughing! “Matt Hughes Secret Satanist” classic!

  • Mike_N

    Now THAT is impressive.

  • falkofire

    This is unbelieve…. WEll DONE.

  • ninjitsu

    Fuck! I literally choke laughing and there’s now Tobasco-sauce-ridden-beers in my nose…

  • Lifer

    a far cry from the unquestionable reality of weekly world news but passable. directly stolen bat boy?? :/

  • fightlinker

    It’s gonna be a new weekly thing here … the product of some brainstorming over tasty Chinese noodles last night.

  • Tertio

    Funny shit.
    Monte Cox and Bat Boy made me laugh.

  • kentyman

    Love it.

  • Captain

    Top 10 Fighter Who Should Commit Suicide — fuckin great

  • #1 jackal

    i give a standing applause

  • sarah

    i am so, so glad that somewhere, someone has the kind of time to produce that.

    best one: anderson silva challenges stephen hawking: “my theories are stronger.”

  • kieran

    The sherdog thing made me laugh.

  • Accomando

    Its been a while, this is exactly what I’m looking for out of linker.

  • x5BoltMainx


  • godzillad

    It was smirk worthy until the very bottom line. I laughed so hard at that.

  • Tanner


  • RT

    This is golden…..

  • kentyman

    For some goddamn reason, “EXCLUSIVE COLUMNS!” makes me crack up.

  • DonnyG


  • DumbOut!

    “My Theories are stronger” lLOLOD :D

  • scorchamatic

    josh gross: “dana white touches children”…genius.

  • ruttenjump

    That is pure gold, I would honestly buy something like this if I saw it at the grocery store!

  • esther

    ditto sarah.

  • MadMan


  • iamphoenix

    i wonder how this will affect the UFC and mma in general. It can’t be good that Dana White is touching children. It seems like Monte Cox has had a bad run lately, first with M1, I can’t believe he would kill someone…

  • Accomando

    —-josh gross: “dana white touches children”…genius.

    Actually, its ‘gross josh’ which makes it even funnier.

  • yoyo

    what can I say ? brilliant of course.

  • Xenicore

    brilliant. seriously. kudos.
    the bat boy/lauzon reference is A+.

  • KillerPMS

    Holy fucking shit! I almost puked from laughing so god damn hard. First prize!

  • John Griffin


  • toolverine


  • pillow

    oh my god.. that’s classic.

    I predict a copy cat on other popular MMA comedy site in less than a week

  • pillow

    that’s great.

  • hbdale309

    Dude, you made my night with this one. Hilarious. All great, but the Jake Rossen one was the best. Hahahaha

  • Swedish guy

    Nice job! :-D

  • frickshun

    That’s a classic. I used to write those regularly about my oddball co-workers. Until I started working hard.

  • el feo

    2 thumbs up

  • JackalAss

    oh fuck yeah….new weekly desktop pictures!

  • Xyience

    this is great stuff, great stuff i tell ya.

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