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Fightlinker on Jarry Park (again)

We’re not all fart jokes around here, and if you want to hear an interview where I drop some serious knowledge on fighting rather than just say “Shit you fuckers and lick my balls cocksuck bitches”, then check out this interview I do with the boys from Jarry Park. We break down the Guida/Huerta bet, the TUF finale, and preview Wednesday’s WEC card.

So go check it out!

  • Mobb Deep

    You sounded like a nervous bitch on that show. How do you expect to beat Sam with that attitude?

  • Jake

    i’m trying to get him to do the shows with me, but he doesn’t listen. I’m the rock, people

  • EdenMachine

    good stuff

  • kentyman

    Wow. That was competent, coherent, and insightful. I’m almost disappointed. :)