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Fightlinker Podcast : The Low Blow Episode 16

Ryan and Jacob discuss a variety of topics, including:

Cheesy Beef Tacos – Ultimate Fight Night 11 – How to win – How not to lose – We are the awesomeness – Homosexuals in mixed martial arts – The ‘Butt Scoot’ – Lesbians on Fightlinker – Erin Bucknell on Fightlinker’s face – The Ultimate Fighter – The Annoy-O-Meter – Crazy guys named Roman – Big vaginas named Joe – UFC 76 – Callin’ Luke out again – Pride fighters overhyped? – Praying for Keith Jardine

42 minutes of pure MMA madness. Download it here or stream dat shit using the Talkshoe app to your right. Last but not least, you can subscribe to our show via iTunes if you swing that way.

  • Thomas

    I’m hooked on LOW Blow radio whats the antidote?

  • dana white

    you said you want one of your listeners to come out of the closet. well, i’ll admit to liking feminin shemales.

  • intenso

    I like guys.

  • fightlinker

    The only cure is MORE COWBELL

  • kentyman

    I can’t believe y’all reused the Pellegrino bit.