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Fightlinker Podcast: The Low Blow Episode 20

Last week was the Low Blow 2.0, and now it’s the Low Blow 20. That’s right, 20 freaking shows adding up to somewhere around 15 hours worth of completely useless blather. Amazing how time flies.

This week marks the return of Sean Connery, a Xyience taste test, our UFC77 preview, and several items of random news that may already be obsolete. Damned MMA, slow down for a second. We also talk about how depressing it’s been to be a fan of Ultimate Fighting over the past two weeks. But don’t worry, we’re fucking smashed so it’s not a downer … really. We’ve inserted a pee break 45 minutes into this episode so you can last the whole 72 minutes. We’re starting to feel like FightOpinion here with our marathon shows. Next week we’ll try and make it short.

Download the latest show here or listen to it on our handy dandy talkshoe app to your right. And as always, feedback is loved and cherished.

**UPDATE** Talkshoe sucks and the file isn’t uploading. I’ll keep trying, but for now that means no streaming and no iTunes

  • pf

    – – – – -C===8

  • garth

    ( )!( )

  • Royal B.

    None of the guys in JSS and GVR aren’t from PRIDE.

  • Swedish guy

    Sweeeeeet!!! Just what I need, cheers mates.

  • groda


    In a stunningly brilliant move, the UFC has in one stroke turned the recent bad news around and totally redeemed itself by securing live tv coverage for UFC 77 in Sweden. UFC 75 garnered a viewership of
    25 000 on the same channel TV4sport.

  • Empty

    Why the fuck isn’t this one available on itunes yet? I can’t listen to these with direct links only. Low rent pieces of….

  • intenso

    ^^^^ yeah wtf. itunes! itunes! itunes!

  • Mr. Theplague

    Don’t make them short! This is the best show fucking yet. I want a 2-disc cassette tape of it.

  • fightlinker

    Itunes populates with the talkshoe app … it’ll be up in about 30 more mins or so

  • Mr. Theplague

    Where did you get that music for the piss break commercial? It’s that badass operatic Hanz Zimmer shit.

  • Chuck

    which jorge gurgel fight did you guys talk about? If you said it i missed it..

  • Cyrus

    Stop talking shit about Fedor. WHAT THE FUCK!

  • Kalak

    Good stuff. Sean Connery sounds a bit like Bill Clinton.

  • stellar53

    Fuck Fedor

  • Cyrus


  • fightlinker

    Sean-Fu song is the theme from Leave it to Beaver. Opening song is star trek original series (TEAM KIRK) and then switches to Assault track from Unreal Tournament 3. Piss break commercial is Tyler Bates – No Mercy from the 300 soundtrack.

    The day Fedor fights Crocop, Couture, Arlovski, or even Sylvia is the day I’ll stop busting his chops. He’s got enough fanboys ;-)

  • Mr. Theplague

    Hahaha you diletant foooool! Fedor fought and beat Crocop. Oh man I owned you so hard I became erect. And thanks for the music listing.

  • fightlinker

    I’m aware … basically i mean until he fights a top ranked opponent again, I ain’t cutting him no slack

  • kentyman

    Nice save.

  • Kalak

    By the way, Brandon Vera is filipino.

  • Bosy Claus

    Yeah your Fedor Comments are bullshit. but then again Fightlinker is fucking clown shoes.

  • TJ from the north

    guys guys guys
    lets concentrate on whats importatent here!
    We need to find out the name of that japanese tv-show!

  • TJ from the north

    importent i ment. damn my english sucks balls these days

  • kentyman

    (You actually meant important.)

  • Mobb Deep

    Ah man, you guys are way funnier when drunk. I feel sorry for your liver, so feel free to do the show high on weed. Much Respect for calling out Randy’s bullshit and talking a stand. You drunken assholes are more intelligent than self-proclaimed MMA “journalists” i.e Sam Caplan and his five ounce fuckers staff infection which they got from riding Randy’s cock. Funkin assholes.