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Fightlinker Podcast : The Low Blow Episode 2

Here’s a special edition of the Low Blow focused entirely on UFC71. Click on the radio player to your right or click here to download the show. You can also subscribe to our show via iTunes. 30 minutes of pure podcast goodness. Our best show yet, which of course isn’t saying much.

  • superhaloman

    Very good show. I like how you rip on everybody, it keeps the show entertaining even when you’ve nothing earth-shattering to say. I wouldn’t mind if you were even meaner.

    Keep up the good work and always bring your left hand back to guard your chin.

    Oh, and awesome choice of music, by the way.

  • fightlinker

    Thanks Dave! (haha just kidding). But seriously, we appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment.


    Somebody needs a Zanex. haha

  • intenso

    Awesome. Way to not gay up the internet.

  • filipino

    Presume you got the Sunshine and lollipops from Chief Wiggum’s “looks like we got us a good old fashioned car chase!” It’s a great song. Your #2? Not a fan…

    Some offbeat songs (for and against) I’d like to see for entrances
    – Common People/William Shatner & Joe Jackson (against BJ Penn)
    – Stand Up for Judas/Dick Gaughan (against Matt Hughes)
    – Psychotic Reaction/Count Five (for Rampage)
    – A Pagan Place/Waterboys (for Forrest Griffin, esp. in Belfast)
    – Big Joe Mufferaw/Stompin’ Tom Connors (against GSP in Canada)
    – Trouble/Cat Stevens (for Evan Tanner)
    – Ooh Las Vegas/ Gram Parsons (woulda been great for Houston Alexander)
    – When the Man Comes Around/Johnny Cash (against Diego Sanchez)
    – Body of an American/Pogues (for Randy Couture)
    – Lust for Life/Iggy Pop (for Chuck)
    – My Way/Sid Vicious (for Matt Serra)
    – I am Weary/The Cox Family (against Cro Cop)
    – Accident Waiting to Happen/Billy Bragg (against Melvin Guillard)

    Just a few, or a maybe a few too many…
    enjoyed the podcast

  • fightlinker

    Thanks again for the input guys. Another show will be up tommorow!