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Fightlinker Podcast : The Low Blow Episode 7

Another episode of the Low Blow is comin’ at ya, warp speed. In this fine episode we dish on the Strikeforce and Ultimate Fighter finale shows. We also touch on the Kimbo Slice / Ray Mercer fight and why you shouldn’t drop an oven. With all the MMA madness going around this weekend, the show ran a bit long … this episode clocks in at 40 minutes of pure retardation. I have no idea what the fuck is going on with the Talkshoe applet to the right … maybe it’s displaying the new episode or maybe it’s not. Regardless, you can click below to download this bitch right onto your hard drive. Just do it.



  • groda

    Good show. The power rangers music totally rocked.

    Spot on with Fryklund, I don’t know if he was paid off but he sure made it look that way.

    Baroni was kicking Shamrock’s ass when he was aggressive in the 2nd, too bad he stood still an ate punches before and after that, maybe the injury had something to do with it.

    Don’t worry atheist dude you have plenty of fans too. Go atheism.

    Anyway, keep the stupid flowing.

  • intenso

    great show.

    …no mention of Chris Benoit?

  • Jake

    My co-Host refuses to mention anything involving pro-wrestling…personally, i would have talked about it if it had been a pro bowler, even.

  • fightlinker

    We recorded the show on Sunday, before any of it really hit the news. Maybe we’ll talk about it a bit on the next show for a few minutes, but I try to keep the MMA show about MMA. God knows I feel dirty just covering news about Ken Shamrock and Kurt Angle.

  • Mike O

    they say the son and wife died of asphxyiation. I assume he used the RNC. BJJ SHOULD BE BANNED! its a deadly weapon in the hands of a suicidal mad man.

    they also say the wife had blood behind her head. I assume this was from the power bomb he used to soften her up for the rear naked choke.

    anyways, i say dont cover it. lets not associate mma with “pro wrestling” any more than we have to. and especially dont cover it if you are going to be tasteful about it.

  • Mike O

    oh and that was a funny show. like i said before, power rangers music fucking rocks out with the cocks out. I’m going to download some mp3s and make that my voicemail message.

    also it was cool that i got mentioned sort of for ripping on your comic and eyebrow thing

  • fightlinker

    Haha originally I was gonna give a shout out to the most dedicated posters, and it ended up being a lil bit of a bitch out ;-)

  • intenso

    I just figured they’d talk about it since they’re Canadian. Which, by the way, means you both sound exactly the same to me. So if you could address each other by your first names occasionally, that would help me out a lot.

  • fightlinker

    The whole show is actually just me talking to myself.

    But seriously, we’ve got proper recording equipment in the mail … hopefully in a show or two the sound quality will go up and you can distinguish us by the subtle nuances in our voices.