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Fly ride, homie

Nick Diaz made enough money Saturday night – disclosed money, that is – to buy 5 brand new fully loaded 2011 Honda Civic SI Coupes. Maybe he can sell his Honda to Herschel Walker, who only received $5000 on the books.

  • Simco

    Walker probably has more money than Strikeforce. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s not actually getting paid much.

  • lukustra

    doesnt he donate his purses?

  • lukustra

    btw, +150k from fighting cyborg at strikeforce aint bad. diaz probably doesnt even make that kinda money in a big boxing bout.

  • lukustra

    also, 75k for roger gracie? WTF? where did that come from. robbie fucking lawler only made 65.