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Bisping’s (T)KO record in the

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Bisping’s (T)KO record in the UFC, with their records at the time:

Denis Kang (32-11-3) – TKO (Punches) – UFC 105, 11/14/2009 – R2 4:24
Kang dropped Bisping HARD in R1, but then jumped into his guard instead of finishing him off.  Cut from the UFC after this.  Hands-down the best guy Bisping’s ever finished.

Jason Day (17-6) – TKO (Punches) – UFC 85, 6/7/2008 – R1 3:42
TKO’d Alan Belcher in his previous fight, but that was his only UFC win.  Cut after losing next fight to Kendall Grove, also by TKO.  Record is now 18-10.

Charles McCarthy (10-5) – TKO (Arm Injury) – UFC 83, 4/19/2008 – R1 5:00
Bisping looked great in his MW debut here, but “Chainsaw” hadn’t fought in 17 months.  Broke his arm blocking knees and was unable to answer the bell for R2.  Retired a week later, hasn’t fought since.

Between Elvis and McCarthy was the split decision loss to Rashad, and what is listed on Wikipedia as “Decision (Shit)” win over Hamill.  Awesome.

Elvis Sinosic (8-9-2) – TKO (Punches) – UFC 70, 4/21/2007 – R2 1:20
No explanation necessary about this can.  Has only fought once since, also a TKO loss.

Eric Schafer (7-1-2) – TKO (Punches) – UFC 66, 12/30/2006 – R1 4:24
Record is now 11-5-2, has been cut from the UFC twice since.

Josh Haynes (12-5) – TKO (Punches) – TUF 3 Finale, 6/24/2006 – R2 4:14
The other finalist from TUF 3, so this isn’t even a legit UFC match.  Cut after losing next two to Rory Singer and Luke Cummo, both of whom were later cut. 

Combined Record: 86-37-7, or 66% wins.


Now for Jorge:

Nate Quarry (12-3) – TKO (Punches) – Fight Night 21, 3/31/2010 – R2 0:29
Wasn’t a clean KO, but Jorge gets extra points for literally breaking Nate’s face.  Neither of them have fought since.  Nate would most likely still be in the UFC, but is at least semi-retired after facial surgery.

Rob Kimmons (22-4) – TKO (Punches) – UFC 104, 10/24/2009 – R3 1:53
Not much to say about this dude.  Still in the UFC, fights Dong Yi Yang at UFC Live 3.

Kendall Grove (8-4-1) – KO (Punches) – UFC 80, 1/19/2008 – R1 1:20
Clean KO.  Record now 12-8-1, still in UFC (barely).

Edwin Dewees (34-9-1) – TKO (Punches) – TUF 4 Finale, 11/11/2006 – R1 2:37
Cut for the 3rd time after this.  Record now 36-13-1.

Combined Record: 76-20-2, or 77% wins.


OPPONENT QUALITY: Bisping has been more active, but none of his guys are still in the UFC, while all but one of Rivera’s is or would be.  Neither guy has any world-beaters on his hit list, but Jorge at least has no obvious cans, and his list also has the overall better record.
Advantage: Rivera.

POWER: None of Bisping’s were clean KO’s, and in fact ALL of his “knockout” wins were TKO’s.  Rivera has 4 official KO’s on his record, and we don’t need that to tell us that he obviously hits harder.
Advantage: Rivera.

FATALITIES: Bisping broke a guy’s arm with knees, Rivera broke a guy’s face with fists.
Advantage: Rivera.


Bottom line, neither dude’s record is terribly impressive, but don’t let Bisping’s hugely overblown star status fool you… Rivera is no chump, and will be a solid test for him.

It’s also worth noting that Rivera’s best weapon — throwing heavy, accurate punches — should be quite effective here.  Bisping has a bad habit of eating big right hands, and gets dropped or at least rocked in most of his fights.  Akiyama rocked him, Wandy knocked him down, Kang dropped him and came within a cunt-hair of TKO’ing him, and of course Hendo temporarily murdered him… hell, even Elvis put him on his ass once.  If that trend continues and he lets Rivera get in a good shot or two, he likely won’t get the chance to get back up.

Bisping would be wise to do the same to Rivera as he did to Leben… use avoidance and takedowns to win a decision.  But I suspect Rivera knows this, and that’s exactly the reason for all the taunting videos.