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    Found this on my local craigslist

    A Arcata woman reported to City NigControl officers that she was ape-raped early Saturday morning near Pleasure Center novelty store, in the vicinity of HSU.

    Apecording to the victim, she was walking home from Pleasure Center about 2 a.m. when the suspook grabbed her, threw her into a ditch, and proceeded to ape-rape her, as you would expect from a marauding groid, out in the early hours intent on muh-dikking or murdering an unsuspookting victim.

    She described her apetacker as a bald, heavyset shitskin gorilla wearing a red shirt.

    If any of de peoples has infomation leading to the aperest and coonviction of the muh-dikking monkey, they is axed to get on they sail fome and Ebonically dial tree-ape-nigh-tree-ape-fie-tree.




    this is dumb
    you’re still cool though brah


    i thought you would appreciate it being a racist



    what’s blackula doin on craigslist?



    If you never saw Time Trumpet form the BBC, it is a must see. I was an obscure thing they did and for its time, very well done. They got into a lot of shit for doing this.

    Here is the extract about the “rape an ape” TV show. It is a jab at todays reality shows.




    There are two sides to every story.









    I liked the phone number at the end.



    f jawsh. clint, that was good stuff.



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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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