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Cain started learning mma at about the same time as Lesnar.

Home Forums MMA Related Cain started learning mma at about the same time as Lesnar.

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    There is about a six month difference in Cain’s first fight and Brocks. Cain has an ever improving striking game, with great movement and Brock doesn’t.

    He’s never going to overtake Cain. There seems to be this myth that Lesnar has this potential to always improve and that’s he just learning, but no I don’t think he has the instincts or the proper training path.

    Lesnar’s had just as much time to have a decent striking game and it’s just not there.



    lesnar is fat.



    Lesnar hates to get hit like your typical jock ..oh no not my face and then the classic turtle dance lol



    Opinions. How do they work?



    ^^^^^your doing a good job



    I think this shows what a good camp can do. I can see why Brock does his training the way he does, and he has the money to do it. IMO a complete camp with all weights offers a whole package that can bring out your full potential. Knowing your fighting for your team can be very motivating for some people.



    Nice try noob. Cain already had over a year+ training under his belt when he first fought, and Lesnar had a handful of months before that horrible K1 show.

    Also not to mention Cain for YEARS fought only cream puffs and was able to come along at a slow speed while LEsnar as soon as he smashed the can in the K1 american card got thrown into the shark tank so 1. he has had less training coupled with 2. had harder fights means he has had to try and cram MORE into a SMALLER window of time than Cain. Not saying he is going to overtake Cain because Cain is a world beater imo but Brock will continue to have massive improvement.



    ^ VERY true – Cain had a lot of fights to develop/experiment whereas Brock wasn’t really left any option other than to go with his strong suit.


    G Funk

    wah wah, Brock had no other option, wah Cain had a better way up the latter wah! Give me a fucking break, Brock took the UFC contract after his first fight knowing what was going to go down and became a defending champ that;s that.

    The fact that Cain started training a year earlier and you guys are talking like a year is sooo much time, get real…



    edit: my previous comment was dumb

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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