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Can we talk about the quality of GSP’s wins now?

Home Forums MMA Related Can we talk about the quality of GSP’s wins now?

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    Hardy? Is he even a top 10 guy.
    B J Penn.. massively gifted, but only dominate over guys like Diego Sanchez.
    Matt Serra? Errr.

    Why can Condit finish a guy and GSP can’t?

    Cuz he fights scared.


    yeah like most of the champions in the UFC he has been thrown a few low balls lately



    You are pretty off on BJ. At the time he was still a beast. Just cuz he’s not as good now doesnt take away from that win.

    GSP is the most dominant massively gifted boring fighter. He stays safe and man handles people. I don’t think attempting to discredit his wins is really necessary.



    i don’t feel like it.



    Condit managed to hit Hardy a fraction of a second before Hardy would have knocked him out. Shit happens, Dan got caught. I think he was winning the striking up until then. He was certainly more in control than the GSP fight.



    Holy shit.

    Do football teams that rely on their running game and play time possession “playing scared?” Condit was a God awful match up for Hardy, and GSP almost ripped his fucking arm off.

    Can we talk about the quality of Fedor’s wins now?
    Is there a reason you left off Jon Fitch (the second best WW on Earth) and Thiago Alves (the third best WW on Earth) and Josh Koscheck (the fourth best WW on Earth)?



    dumb thread


    P W

    If you really want to, you can basically make ANY fighters record sound bad. I think that GSP has one of the most solid records, though.



    Sure we can talk about it but unless you’re retarded you’re not going to come away from it thinking GSP’s been taking the low road.



    He’s already cleaned out the entire current top-5 in his division, plus the former champ twice, plus the former LW champ who was the undisputed #1 in his division and top-5 P4P at the time. So yeah, what a chump GSP is, eh?

    Did Hardy deserve a title shot? Maybe not, but name one other top guy at 170 that deserves a title shot that GSP didn’t already beat. Go on, I’ll wait. Next he fights top-5 ranked Koscheck again, then the winner of Shields vs Kampmann who will surely be top-5 after that win. If you think that’s not a murderer’s row of opponents, you don’t know shit about shit.


    SUBO – shut the fuck up. Nobody is talking about fucking fedor douche bag.

    If GSP was going to rip anything off he would have gotten a… submission.

    He can’t even pull off an armbar properly, yet he’s always talking about being a “complete” martial artist.

    I don’t buy this shit that these guys are the best WW’s. They are just good wrestlers who game the system.

    Condit has done a lot more and looked a lot better than GSP this year.



    If you don’t buy that GSP/Fitch = 1/2 at welterweight, I just… I feel like jerking off into a ditch is more productive than trying to explain to you why you’re wrong.



    Also, Thiago Alves games the system? Lolwut?



    Dumb ass thread.


    Schrute Boxe

    seriously i love the new site and all guys but you really need to fix this glitch that redirects my browser to the sherdog forums

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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