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    Uber – Let’s not forget the impressive victory that is Frank Shamrock.



    The hate on Maynard is hilarious. It mostly comes from the butt-hurt fans of his victims. When Edgar brings a non-violent, pressure-based attack for 3-5 rounds, he gets praised as one of the best pound-for-pounders in the world. When Maynard does it, people bitch and call it lay-and-praying. Regardless, his style is the perfect style to beat Edgar. He will be the next champ.



    ^ Gray “supernatural” Maynard, get over yourself. No one thinks you’re going to lose to edgar, but we all think you’re lame.

    “– it’s on the same level, mediocre..”

    Mediocre is pretty generous.


    yeah in my book edgar and maynard are the same except maynard is better at lay n pray and edgar uses machida esque boxing



    Didn’t Clay lose to Huerta, unlike Gray?



    “He will be the next champ” and that’s sad


    MMAMath?? Really Subo? Really?



    I’m confused……is Maynard not getting a title shot? I guess it was implied but not officially stated.

    Also, for all the haters–>Maynard’s boxing is decent when he doesn’t get sloppy (or emotional) & wing loopy punches. Edgar’s boxing is fantastic. He’s not a power puncher but the days of 1 punch KO guys @ the higher levels are going away. Edgar tagged BJ cleanly several times (while himself, barely getting touched). BJ’s chin is fucking adamantium.

    None of it matters though. Maynard is good enough on the feet to get it to the ground where he will win the belt & probably wreck PPV #’s for whatever event follows his.



    All of you sound like cranky bitches. You need to change your tampons or you’re going to get an infection :D

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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