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    G Funk

    I’ve seen you commenting on the T-shirts and you would get the smackdown layethith apon you son!



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    ^ you WOULD comment on this thread newyork22



    yeah, that dude is waaaay too long-winded for my tastes ;)


    G Funk

    I don’t get it, right over head…



    man, it blows me away that there’s still enough money in baseball to pay douchebags 20 million dollars. It’s gonna be in trouble when all the old fucks reminiscing about getting crackerjacks for molestings all die.



    ^Totally disagree baseball is immensely popular and far more so than UFC.

    UFC 121 with its super-draw Brock had an attendance of 14,856.

    All 30 MLB teams average more fans at the gate than that even the A’s and Cleveland.

    Factor in also that teams play 81 home games, that is a shit load of people going through the turnstiles.



    @ GFunk – a bot named NEWYORK22 commented (botted?) on a yankees thread



    variable – You can get a ticket to a Rockies game for four bucks. It’s a little different.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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