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    Where the Fu&k are the PodCasts?!? I need those things. Theres been 3 Major/minor MMA events since the last podcast. They are the Funny. I Lonely.


    G Funk

    There are much better podcast out there(non-mma of coarse). Stop being a lil tweenage girl and get some game or you might come off as a L-O-S-E-R.



    I don’t have time for other podcasts….



    I’m not getting my moneys worth ;\



    i never paid and never listened to the podcasts so i’m not missing it.



    Don’t stress Predator8u.

    They were consistent from Sept-Oct. That should tie everyone over for at least a year(or two). I was scared when they managed get weekly shows out there. Sign of the end of times, and all that shit.



    i would be more interested in a video show in all honesty. the podcasts are way to fucking long for me to sit and listen to anyway. i’m to ADHD for that.


    something like this would be cool. just gotta find a sweet editor monkey and you’re golden.


    or like nice peter



    i mean, they’re kinda in the same business, the internet, and they have a huge following. fightlinker…well, is owned by gay ass RM, other than putting an ad in the bg and their banner on top, i haven’t seen anything change.




    I heard that Costco sells tissues in bulk bro. Also, it appears we all need to donate a shovel, a really large shovel, for all the sand that has accumulated in peedators vaginer.

    I was starting to think that those capitalized words and letters might be secret message codes or something but hurtsitecommsololemt doesn’t make any sense.

    Really, I think the odds of you saving one of our lives are pretty slim. You live in a different city and state than us most likely. And if you were in the same city as one of us the chances of us needing any savings would also be small. And then if we were needing to be saved, the chances of you being dispatched to save us instead of some other crybaby EMT is slim.



    I hacked into peedators message system. These are my findings:


    Dear Ryan,

    A few GUYS have Been giving me a lot OF flak and ARE being total dicks to me. I don’t UNDERSTAND why. I leave nice comments and such. Did you know my cartideldge is depleting from my entire body? Like Dick I train five, count em, oNE, TWO, THrEE, FoUR, FIVE, dayS a WEek. I love you and everything you do. I wish I can wear your dirty tshirts. Maybe one day you will visit me and we will be inside each others shirts.I don’t deserve these tears they make me CRY out my FACE EYES. I left them a message in the forums. I think they got my message and I’m pretty SURE the wILL stoP their SILly gAmEs and fiNaLLY respect me.





    I just maY savE YUR LIFE one day Imma EMT






    excerpt from “My Life is Pain, Suffering and Blood: EMT MAN”

    “This day has been long and fruitful. Fruit that has been murdered by serious dicks and hooligans. Basking in my shadow under the streetlamp, sulking as I rub my shoulder my life is nothing but pain, suffering and blood. The doc says I only got days to live due to my severe low levels of body cartilage. That was 4 years ago. I’m EMT MAN. This is my story. Which is total chaos, tears, band-aids, and cold coffee. I can’t stop thinking about the mayhem during my lunch break. It was literally the worst, not counting the worst sleep I ever had. You see, I have two pillows. One pillow is too low. Two pillows is too high. I wish someone would just blow my brains out to end my eternal suffering.

    It was lunchtime, the time on the clock of sorrow and blood was ticking, countless people needing me to save their lives I can hear their voices. But it’s lunchtime and I was fucking hungry. I slam my worthless dipshit burrito in the microwave that is obviously designed for not burrito’s, the timer is set for 2 minutes. It feels like FOREVER BRO. But alas, 120 seconds slowly pass by and the microwave makes that stupid beeping sound that lasts longer than it normally should. Someone has to talk to those microwave fellas about that. So I take my burrito from the microwave, sitting down in the most uncomfortable chair ever and take a bite. Guess what. IT WAS COLD ON THE INSIDE! How do you recover from that?

    Which explains my current, horrible situation I’m in right now. As you can see, my life is nothing but a box of pain, sufferings, and blood.”

    Don’t forget to buy you a copy of this great book by none other than rejected jackal PeedaterSUXXORS at your local bookstore! Just look for it in the “This person needs to stop crying section.” And if you can’t find it there, look in the who gives a cunt, no one wants to hear him bitch anyway and STFU aisle!!



    Thank you, iamphoenix for proving my point. Good boy. Its funny how you knew I was talking about you. Just cause you’re a closet-homo for Bieber. Doesnt mean you got to project your hate for your “hidden” self on everyone else, be a man and just beat it to your avatar or all the other pic/posters of Bieber you have on your walls. Before you post any thing maybe your quit being such a cock and learn to take some constuctive criticism. And listen little boy. I dont give a Fuc8k if you were helping spread Imperialism around the globe(US military). I bet in real life your a insignificant piece of shit who’s only real way to feel like he’s worth a damn is to be a Prick/narcissist on the internet.

    Shit you even made up a whole made-up email & book just to show your “dominance” in the Most insecure contest. I have no intenion on being a “jackel” why would I want to be a douchebag savant. So thanks again. 

    But seriously man you got some talent and energy you need to focus that shit on something besides being a douche 



    I think you mistaken this site for BE. Check your favorite links, they might be fucked up.


    I wrote a whole post breaking down his passive-aggressive whining, but ditched it realizing he wasn’t going to learn anything from it.  One thing I still think needs to be said is:

    EMS is a very hard job and not everyone is cut out for it.  Good luck.



    Oh Squeenix……that 2nd write-up was legendary comedic genius.

    Pre-dater–>chill the fudge out, nigga!! Nobody is “invited” to be a Jackal. Either you are by nature, or you’re a sensitive faggot. You hafta decide what you are. I would like a podcast as much as I’d like my wife to blow me. But I stopped whining about it a loooong time ago.


    G Funk

    Penix FTW, I laughed so hard, so loud.

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