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    Almost every ranking site has him in the top 10. You have to beat top ten fighters to be ranked in the top ten. I truly believe that he could be top five, even top 3, but today what has he done to be ranked as a ten. Top ten should be based on merit. Eleven to twenty could take into account potential.

    Paul Buentello – Wins Belt

    Tae Hyun Lee – A 1-1 Fighter

    Mark Hunt – Hunt got submitted -OMG

    Mirko Filipovic – ’08 Mirko is not ’05 Cro-Cop NC due to multiple groin shots. 1-2 leading up to this fight.

    Gary Goodridge – Coming off 3 losses in a row. Now 6.

    Tony Sylvester – 11-3. Only top “ten fight” is Overeem. lost to Chris Tuchscherer.

    James Thompson – 4 losses in a row before Overeem. 1-3 since then.

    Kazuyuki Fujita – 2 losses in a row before Overeem.

    Brett Rogers – Coming off first career loss. Should not have been fighting for the belt, but Stikeforce can’t get their shit together.


    How is this a top ten heavy weight in mma.

    **Overeem nut hugger Disclaimer**
    I am not judging his K1 record. In K1 he IS fighting the best he can get his hands on. This is only based on his MMA heavy weight fights.

    Keep in mind if either of the Klitschko brothers fought a mma fight…..would their boxing record count towards their mma ranking??

    P.S Saying he COULD beat this guy does not amount to shit all. I’m sure I Could kill a Grizzly Bear with a swiss army knife, but until the video is on you tube I’m talking out of my ass.



    this guy must be a sleeper agent of subo

    the klitschko comparison is not apt at all. overeem has been training jits for 15+ years, and has a guillotine from hell, the klit brothers are big smelly hulking eastern european boxers who wouldn’t even make it as long as James Toney did on the ground.

    and yes he is top 10 based upon what a BMF he is in K1, and im fine with that

    if you can produce a list of 10 guys you honestly believe would beat him in an mma fight, you’re deluding yourself

    dude would fold brock like a chair and bash rena mero over the face with him
    he has faster hands than JDS and actually uses his legs for kick and vicious knees

    frank mir would crumple like he always does under pressure

    heh…at big nog even being considered top 10

    carwin, cain, fedor and werdum are all open for debate but beyond that it’s laughable to think anyone could hang with him



    Yes I am a Subo sleeper agent. If that means I don’t put up with boxing style records, promotions fucking over fighters, nut huggers, and respect the guy who puts it all on the line.

    Heavy Weights that could give him trouble:

    Fabricio – lost once already. Pre horse meat diet.
    dos Santos
    Big Nog – lost to Lil Nog twice. Pre horse meat diet.
    Antonio Silva
    Aleksander Emelianenko
    Mike Russow

    Does he beat 90% of these guys?…..Yes
    Has he beat any single one of them…..No

    His one “top 10″ HW win came against Brett Rogers. Brett just went to a decision with Ruben “Warpath” Villareal (18-19-3), and don’t start with the ring rust bull shit. Brett had a five months between fights.

    We can argue all day who he could beat, but like my Grizzly fight THESE FIGHTS HAVE NOT HAPPENED. Until he starts putting these guys away it could be another Liddell, Rua, Arona, or Kharitonov. All of who tko/ko/sub to strikes.

    As to being a BMF in K1/Kick Boxing. A 7-4(wiki), or 6-4 (K1 site)record is hardly on par with a true BMF like Badr Hari (84-2-0 2 NC).

    The klitschko comparison is not the greatest, but they have belts, and I agree it would be like the Toney fight.

    He looks like a BMF, just needs to prove it in my eyes.



    True that! He shouldn’t be a top 10 MMA HW based on his K1 status. The dude could have James Toney’s level of ground game and we wouldn’t know because his MMA record is against a bunch of losers (and yes, that includes Brett Rogers).

    Rankings should take into account the amount of fighting done over the last year. Say what you want about the UFC HWs being better marketed, and hence better ranked, but at least these guys fight on a more consistent basis. Hell, Brock Lesnar almost died in the last year and he already fought twice since!



    First of all, someone give this man a medal.

    Second, everyone comparing Brett Rogers to Shane Carwin – watch the Warpath fight and kindly STFU.

    Third, K-1 don’t count – James Toney wasn’t 23rd because of his boxing background.

    LOL at putting Overeem over Nog.



    ^Besides the fact that he qualified for ADCC in 2005.

    I think rankings should take into account performances.

    You cannot argue with the fact that Alistair Overeem has the best striking in MMA. Part of the reason why his kickboxing record is so impressive is because he fought 3 times pre horse meat. He is a different fighter now, that’s where his losses came from. He is more dedicated, and obviously way stronger.

    I agree you cant put him at the top, for now. Once he fights more in MMA he will obviously be ranked higher. The problem is no matter who he beats in Strikeforce all you faggy naysayers will say, “Oh, well their not in the ufc so they suck.” Don’t believe me? Lets take a look.

    Let’s say he knocks out Werdum:
    Well Werdum got KTFO by JDS so it doesn’t matter(even though werdum is waay better now)

    Let’s say he knocks out Fedor:
    Well Fedor sucks because he lost to Werdum and he lost to JDS who would get pwn’d by Cain

    Let’s say he knocks out anyone else:
    They suck for not being in the UFC.

    Lose-Lose situation.

    Furthermore, dude makes like 300-400k per fight in K-1 and he’s a fucking kickboxing icon in Holland, whereas, he’s seen as a piece of shit in the states and might make 80k(i really have no idea).

    If i was him, i would focus on K-1 too. I think he would tear up the UFC’s heavyweights, the only way he would lose is a decision to Cain via humping. I would still pick Overeem.



    That was supposed to go to ninja. Shut up subo.



    Ty Subo :)


    Its potential and the fact that he’s beating the best in the world in K-1, which isn’t that different from MMA striking when it comes to rules.

    And it’s not like he doesn’t have a sick and disturbing ground game to go with size, speed, and real technique.

    I’d put him way down the list simply because he hasn’t faced consistent competition in MMA.


    James Toney didn’t come into MMA while beating world class boxers you idiot.

    Toney had already been washed up a decade and half before he fought, so of course it doesn’t count.

    The Reem is and has been active in MMA, and fights K-1 greats now. Actively.



    Yeah Right, comment# 5

    “Alistair Overeem has the best striking in MMA”

    IMO he has some of the best stand up in the HW division from a technical stand point, for strikers that have any ground game. There are better pure strikers, Badr Hari still comes to mind (0-1 in mma, but still a better striker).

    “Part of the reason why his kickboxing record ………way stronger.”

    Where is this impressive Kickboxing record. Wikipedia, and the K1 site have his record at 7-4, and 6-4. His only title is K-1 WGP 2009 3rd Place. If this is what you call impressive, maybe you need to watch more fights. Maybe look up the definition of impressive.

    Beating Werdum, and Fedor would put him in the top 3 no questions asked. If he beats one, and lost to the other he would be top 10. At least with these wins/loses he earned his spot with mma fights.

    As for the money. Vacate the belt and go make your money. Stop fucking with Strikeforce’s HW division. Good for him to be such a high earner. I hear Bob Sapp makes lots of money fight there too.



    He qualified for ADCC in 2005, i already said that. Do you not know what ADCC is?

    Badr Hari fought once in mma when he was 17, and he got dominated. Does not count.

    Since he reinvented himself he has only lost once in k-1. He is 1-1 with badr hari, thats fucking impressive. You are an idiot if you dont think His striking and what he has accomplished in k-1 is impressive.



    Tanhauser, comment #8

    “he’s beating the best in the world in K-1,”

    link this record please. All listings I can find for Overeem kickboxing record is average at best. He did ko Badr in ’08. the Badr ko’d him in ’09 so we have a draw there.



    YEAH RIGHT, Comment #11

    Yes I know what ADCC is.

    “Badr Hari fought once in mma when he was 17, and he got dominated. Does not count”

    LMAO!!!! How does a having a pro mma fight not count. With this line of thinking could he go 0-10 and still not count. What makes a fight “count”.

    The request still stands. Show me a Kickboxing record the has him better than 7-4 (63% win ratio), or 6-4. With that record he COULD become the best kick boxer in the world, but he is not currently up there with kick boxing’s best. Much like his mma HW record…….



    ^ this guy is laughable. overeem is a MONSTER on the ground. and his kickboxing record is such because he has basically only fought the best in the world for almost all of his K1 career ( a la randy couture in MMA) Badr Hari fighting in a sport he says he hates (or at least has a strong aversion to participating in) does not make him an mma fighter.

    your list of guys that could hang with Alistair is laughable too, he is a completely different fighter since he reinvented himself at HW

    bring real facts and data and coherent opinions or stfu

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