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    Funny how white people are up in arms over this. White people already have eharmony and and pizza hut, paintballing, lacross, snowboarding, nascar, catholism…the list goes on..harvard, yale, mayonaisse, sitcoms, hollywood, nasa, the police…fuck, cant black people hhave one site just for black people? Taking away everything from them since day 1. Fucking craaazy



    I thought we shared mayonnaise. They also have fried chicken and watermelon along with Fanta. We kept the show Friends for like 10 years. Now African Americans were given Obama as a way of saying “ooops, sorry, we fucked up between 1670 to 1865 but now can we be friends”.

    In Canada because of the hole in the ozone we don’t see color which makes racism extremely difficult to practice. I tried it once by calling a woman I saw in the supermarket a nigger but it turned out i was mistaken and it was actually an Asian lady.

    So would a straight only internet dating site be discriminatory towards Thingvolds and Omomatta?


    they have BET and thats enough. i just thought it was weird that black people have fought so hard to be included when this seems to keep the separate.



    You talk like all the black people of the United States got together and had a referendum.

    Its not a black only dating site that is a problem its the reaction to it that can become the problem.

    Anyways, back to dick n fart jokes.


    what would you know… black people dont live in canada




    I was in british columbia during a cruise, saw a dude reading comic books in public.


    That is all the evidence I needed to see that the Canadian is the master race. Well that and B.C. is fucking goregeous.



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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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