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Rashad offers to train Rampage for Jones

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    I have tons more but I had to really consider that some people might get pissed off, this thread is not really intended for it. I might wait until the bottom of a “favorite pics” page to do it that way people wont need to reload it for weeks when the posts continue to the next page.



    Jon Jones is the Anthony Johnson of the LHW division. The only thing him and Fedor have in common is that they were both fighting in the wrong weightclass, only in opposite directions. Jones is talented for sure, but there is an old chinese proverb that says something along the lines of the faster the hype train moves the longer it takes for Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves to stop it or something like that.



    i am not enameled with jones.



    I have not been impressed by his performances, except for his performance against Shogun. and thats a post-knee-surgery shogun who didn’t really look like himself. Beating up Bonnar during his endless losing streak and some person named ‘o’brien’ is really not enough to warrant the love he’s been getting. Rampage is a good style, he’s very fast and will come in in shape and looking to ruin Jones night. Jones ‘athletic ability’ (re: 10 inch reach advantage) won’t be as much of a factor because of how good Rampage is with his footwork. I would be very surprised if Jones managed to clown rampage around on the feet or mess with him in that unorthodox style of his. if he wins it’ll be because he can consistently take rampage down, but i just don’t see that happening, he isn’t a brazillian


    G Funk

    “I have not been impressed by his performances,”

    I will not read the rest of your run-on paragraph due to this statement. Actually I almost always never read run-on posts which is your forte so nevermind.



    I bet the reach advantage isn’t the only 10 inches Jones is packing… Am I right thingvolds? Am I right??


    As i said before, we have no idea how many flaws Bones has or how he overcomes them. Dope fighter but still an unknown quantitiy in regards to his overall game.



    Redping is funny. Rampage is 1 of my faves but dude hasn’t been in peak shape since he fought Hendo…..maybe Wandy. He hates training & gets fat after every camp!!

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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