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Ronda Almost Pulls All The Way Down Her Bikini Bottom At Weigh Ins

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     Came close, so so close. I am surprised I am the first to make this gif. Enjoy.



    You’re a sad man.



    Barring a leaked personal video by a disgruntled ex bf or personal pictures uploaded from a camera stolen from her car this is the most you will ever see from this Judoka queen.

    Awesome showing BTW, Steve Mazzagatti kinda made a spectacle of it, im sure by the time you read this you will have read about it.




    G Funk

    Jesus, will Gay-guard ever improve his cardio? I smell closet smoker…


    Her game was sick, but the ending definitely soured the night.  Did anyone watch the rest of the card?  Any point?


    Night Rider

    That card was all balls



    Yup. Mauro fell on my good side for a fraction of a second when after the Ronda SNAFU he attempted to interview Steve by calling him out on live tv in the middle of the cage. The commission whisked Steve away and gave him an IV to sober him up a bit before his next fight.



    The card was awful. Try and catch the Rousey fight if you can, just to see what the big deal was about, and because she’s likely a future star. Stay away from the rest of it.


    The fight before it was terrible, and then I watched some of the Healy fight till it seemed like neither of them were smart enough to to defeat the other.  I like Gurgel but his fights are generally terrible shitty fistfests.



    Fuckin boring card. I fast fowarded to skip the boring parts. Saw about 39 seconds of fights total. I cant believe i missed thunder thunder thunder thundercats last night. So mad at my dick.



    shes kinda hot but needs to lay off the test. shes starting to sound like subo



    Sarah d’Alelio looks like a dude.

    Also that card was fucking abysmal.



    The more I see of this chick the more I like her, ass shot included. She should have snapped that dudes arm if he’s not going to tap.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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