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    What up, fuckers.

    I want to help fund Ryan’s porn addiction and purchase a shirt from him. Thing is, I want one like Roxy is wearing here:


    But I don’t see that shit in the shop.

    Is there a secret page to the shop I’m missing? Can I only buy one of those if I become a contributor with an article or some silly shit? Do I have to touch my nose and say my alphabet backwards? (wait, that was last night on the way home)

    What the fuck I godda do to get one of these babies, XXL? I’m titfucked.



    that logo was photoshopped on there. sorry dude, that shirt never existed.



    Son of a bitch.

    It should exist.



    just trolololing. i don’t know dude i’ve never seen that in the store either. maybe it was there…someone knows.


    It was available a long time ago, but only for a short run.  They did em in lots, as opposed to print-on-demand type supply.



    XXL……ha!! You gonna use that shit to jump out of a plane, Chubb Rock? Or maybe you need it to parasail, Heavy D. I suppose you could use it as a tarp while you reshingle a house, Fat Joe. It would also be useful to wrap furniture during a move, Biggie Smalls.



    ^ Hahaha!  You fat-hating prick.


    i used to have one of those shirts… dont know what happened to it though



    Maybe it really is Bob Sapp! You fat pussy fuck!

    But no that’s a sweet shirt. Speaking of. I am supposed to be getting a free fightlinker shirt for my brilliant Strikeforce ideas…yeah…



    Alright, let me address yo ass in the order that shit came out of your mouth.

    Penis: Damn, I was hoping this design was available. Stop fucking with me, yo.

    DJ Thunderblowme: That sucks, but thanks for the info. Maybe they’ll do that shit again.

    Frik: My kids use my shirts as tents. One pants leg of my trousers can serve as a tee-pee for a 5 year old.

    ……… but you should see my cock. It’s tiny as fuck.

    AgentOrange: Inorite?

    RC: You bastard. I’m begging for one and you just nonchalantly lose yours?

    Cap’n Crunch: Bob Sapp? Maybe. Maybe I like to troll around on this shitty Japanese internet connection when I’m taking a break from gold farming in World of Warcraft so i can post up in here. You never know……


    Speaking of. I am supposed to be getting a free fightlinker shirt for my brilliant Strikeforce ideas…yeah…

    Word, me too.  Double-you Tee-eff?


    G Funk

    Cap won a bet for star membership for a year when Ryan decides to stop renewing!



    And Dick thinks he’s got it bad.



    I still think all of your ideas sucked. It all sounded like this to me: “Apple really needs to upgrade their camera on the iPhone.” BAM, camera upgrade. “That was totes my idea!” None of you fatties were thinking outside the box to grow the business. Enjoy the free shirt faggot!!



    ^Try harder next time.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)

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