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why jake’s life makes me laul

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    am i the only one who finds it just a tad ironic that jake spent all that time on the podcast bemoaning the horrible soul crushing women out there who make their men give up on their dreams

    only to IMMEDIATELY STOP DOING PODCASTS (and I think put TGA to bed, but I don’t know for sure since i’ll never listen to anything he put up on that site) as soon as he got engaged.

    if selling out completely makes a person happy then more power to them, I just thought it was worth noting



    Jake who



    I’m happy.


    G Funk

    Jake only beheld that position cause he couldn’t get any good pie if any at all. Once some decent pie is served he doesn’t even eat it. He just puts it on a pedestal that was subconsciously made during puberty.

    Good for you jake you sorry bastard. Jawsh will soon taste the lips of her who doesn’t savor of skoal and disappear into the neverland abyss of spineless pussies.



    I think it was more a matter of economics, but what do I know.



    Podcasts…the good ol days…


    I miss Jake and wish him well.


    I miss regular podcast period. I could take or leave Mr. Fortin, but at least that meant we got 1 show a month. Ryan won’t even do shows for UFC title fights ffs.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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