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FOX and UFC sitting in a tree…

For a while, the MMA blogosphere was acting like it was a forgone conclusion that the UFC would end up joining with the evil Comcast network, which has it’s Japanese rape tentacles firmly penetrated across networks like NBC, Versus, G4, and more. Then there was a tiny note from Dana White’s media mouthpeice Kevin Iole that “even though negotiations [between the UFC and Spike] have been contentious, they’re good for each other and there will probably be a new deal announced before much longer.”

Now we have a new pony in the race, according to ESPN (via MMA Payout): has learned that the UFC’s rumored 2012 broadcast deal with NBC and takeover of the company’s G4 network may not happen now, as the unconfirmed rumbling are that negotiations may have broken down. Several sources say Fox — including its FOX Network, FX, Fox Sports Net and Fuel properties — is the new front runner for a UFC distribution deal and that an agreement could be done by the end of the month.

Eugh. G4 was worse than Spike, and Fuel is worse than G4. If these deals are getting made, they better be loaded to the brim with UFC content on the non-shitty channels. It sounds like all these networks want UFC content to help build up their non-performing stations, but what does that do for MMA? It’s our sport that takes the risk and we’re the ones that have to worry about the next executive through the revolving door deciding Fuel should become the Martha Stewart network. Then where would we be?

The UFC better not be deluding itself that they can build another Spike from the ground up. Spike was a success because it managed to pinpoint exactly how dumb America was and cater to it with programming for retards (or as the execs call it, retargramming). Now that’s what all of cable television does. The window of opportunity has closed. What we need is a few big shows a year on a broadcast network, not a complicated mash of the UFC on 6 channels half of North America doesn’t even get.

  • iamphoenix

    stupid. there’s no trees

  • Letibleu

  • lukustra

    I dont understand why UFC doesnt get its own channel, just for mma content. A NBA TV, NFL Network type channel. They can show classic fights, pride fights, have a MMA Live type show where fighters come on and promote and talk about upcoming fights. That would be sick.

  • iamphoenix

    ^oh yeah that does sound good. like a place where they can always have a place to be on and show whole events for free sometimes! they can call it…SpikeTV!!! you’re a genius lukustra. i wish i was you.

  • Letibleu

    ^ California is making you gay, leave the 14 year old alone.

  • Symbul

    Because having their own network is a major undertaking and they’d need to actually provide content for it, nevermind all the other overhead that they have no experience with. Running their own network could be great for them but it could also go up in flames and lose them a lot of money both directly and indirectly. If they license out their events then that’s money in the bank.

  • iamphoenix

    what 14 year old what are you talking about?

  • KongoLovesGroin

    FL you guys are usually real good, but “retargramming” was probably the most unfunny thing I’ve seen this week.

  • frickshun

    Phoeniggz–>1st comment made me choke on my raviolis!!

    Symbul–>thanks for having a brain & explaining to the rest of the tards why people don’t just “make their own channel”.

    Ryan–>you’ve been funny since your brief hiatus last week. Fur realz. Retargramming was definitely not funny but I’m looking past it b/c your mind is sexy.

  • CAP

    Well FuelTV is where they show the XXXtreme sports so cockfighting should fit right in. Fuel has been advertising fights on Friday nights. I think they were Shark Fight cards if I remember right. UFC would be a nice step up.

  • Mrutunjay

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  • Elodie

    before We’re wahnticg him fight guys, not fuck them. What’s it to you guys that he’s done both? It really is strange that you will watch two guys fight with a lot of contact in grappling, which is perfectly fine if they’re both straight, but suddenly one’s perceived as gay and you’re offended lol. Talk about insecurities.

  • mprnypxmuke

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