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FOX ratings suck? Aight, take this you ungrateful swine

Sick and tired of the incessant bitching and whining about watered-down FOX events, the UFC decided to go big for their final FOX show of the year. So on December 8th, they’re making a trifecta snowball of huge fights, packing the hell out of it, running it under cold water, and smashing us shitheel fans in our fat faces with an ice ball of certain death.

The card features a lightweight title fight between Ben Henderson and Nate Diaz, BJ Penn’s glorious return from semi-retirement to face Rory MacDonald, and a light-heavyweight battle between Shogun Rua and Alexander Gustafsson. So, how do you like them apples?

Oh yeah, they aint playin’ anymore. That’s some serious tussling. You should be excited anytime Nate steps into the cage because not only is he an electrifying fighter, but he’s a Diaz, and that alone increases the possibility of something insane happening by a factor of five. As for BJ, the right opponent can easily cause him to stop playing nice nice and revert back to the blood-licking savage we all know and love.

MacDonald, by not only calling BJ out but by being GSP’s less pretty doppelganger, is that opponent. And Shogun has proven that even with knees constructed of rubber bands and chewing gum and a gas tank dangerously teetering on E, he’s still a nasty sumbitch. Can he handle the range and pace of Gustafsson without looking like a guy who smokes three packs of Camel No-Filters a day? All I can say is at least it’s only a three-rounder.

  • Reverend Clint

    this is what every fox card should have been… big names people know and can follow. They need highlight fights not necessarily noteworthy/meanful ones, LW title is potentially both as long as Edgar isnt involved.

  • Michael

    Why don’t you just eat a bag of dicks reverend clint. Frankie Edgar just beat Henderson and has twice now fought his balls off. Anyone who knows anything about mma would have enjoyed both of Edgars fights with Bendo, along with his fights with Maynard at 125 and 136. In short, piss off.

  • VC

    Reverend Clint? More like Reverend Cunt. Frankies a fan favourite, a fighter favourite, even a Dana White favourite. 3 of his last 4: fight of the night in first fight with Bendo, knockout of the night in second fight with Maynard, and fight of the YEAR in his first with Maynard. Are you a mongoloid? Do you want some sponge cake?

  • Reverend Clint

    im saying they werent necessarily highlight worthy………………… battles yes and i actually did enjoy the last one. Im talking quick knock outs and balls out pride shit like rua

  • Reverend Clint

    and are you the same fucking person?

  • Reverend Clint

    “Anyone who knows anything about mma would have enjoyed both of Edgars fights with Bendo, along with his fights with Maynard at 125 and 136.” Im think just in terms of the casual fan who it watching for free on fox you fucking half tard. Do you not understand how network tv works? 90% of the people tuning in to fox dont follow the sort anymore than knowing Jon Jones kills people and Chuck Liddell has a mowhawk and they certainly dont know who frankie edgar is. Fox/FX/Fuel shows should be one big PPV commercial and have fights for non hardcore people and everybody knows the average attention span in this counry is next to a goldfish hence needing highlight worthy fighters you can pimp with 30-60 second commercials after the simpsons.

  • noiseless

    in short pihihiss ohohofff hahaaaa, bad troll is at least hysterical!

  • Reverend Clint

    and actually an edgar fight might be a good segway to dancing with the stars

  • noiseless

    kill urself edgar, u kno evrbdy wants u 2

  • frickshun

    Clint got fucking told!! Can’t tell if noisemaker is kidding or drunk on donkey semen….

  • noiseless

    i’m just miserable.

  • TheButtStrangler

    Have fun paying for PPV’s!

  • TheButtStrangler

    I agree with “Michael” regarding Edgar,
    But he’s very out of line regarding the Rev!

    You just discounted your own opinion dude!

  • bakapoki

    Hahahaha! Edgar is only entertaining when he gets punched hard in the head. Edgar to Heavyweight! I’d like to see him against Mark Hunt first. That would be sweet.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Should I just assume any time there is double digit comment post it is due to the new jackals arguing about nothing.

    You guys need to come up with more distinct personas. Like have one guy while talking about fighters try to tie everything to his hatred of the Obama administration. Or have a theory that the feng shui of a fighters shorts effect his/her performance.

    I have a hard time telling you people apart even with the funny names.

  • glassjawsh

    “Like have one guy while talking about fighters try to tie everything to his hatred of the Obama administration”

    we had the shit out of that guy, his name was thingvolds, dude was the chael sonnen of mma forums

  • Reverend Clint

    he evolved past MMA and now watches gay porn

  • frickshun

    It’s our fault. We struck Volds down & he became even more powerful than we could have ever imagined. His hog-watching prowess is unparalleled.

  • Rob

    Fuck yeah, this is what the FOX cards need. Sure, probably only one of these fights will survive four months of the injury bug, but even that fight would be a better main event than the last two shows got.

  • iamphoenix

    these new queers are not funny at all…

    Why the fuck can’t i post a picture here now?

  • Morghen

    God help me, I miss Volds.

    Chael Sonnen of MMA forums, indeed. These trolls just look like kids sneaking past the firewall in their high school library.

  • G Funk

    Clint went down in the first ‘gainst Valderama.