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Update: Fox Sports 1 will include damn-near weekly UFC fights from launch date

Look forward to more of this as ESPN falls further and further behind the curve.

Details are forthcoming, and it doesn’t appear that the news has made its way into any linkable form, but via Richard Deitsch’s Twitter account covering the announcement:




Holy shit!




Fox is hyping this network as a full-on challenge to ESPN, complete with a nightly highlight show meant to counter Sportscenter. Lofty goals, to be sure. But with that arrangement of immensely popular sports buttressed by actual playoff games, I’d say this is slightly better than Fuel (or Spike, for that matter) as far as MMA real estate goes.


So that’s 12 over the final 19 weeks of the year, which is better than one every two weeks for those math-challenged Jackals (read: Jackals that aren’t glassjawsh) out there. And they’re full cards! Are they all going to be in the same place? How good will the fights be? Will there be prelims on Facebook so the arena isn’t completely fucking empty? There’s nothing like news on a slow news day just punching you in the gut like this with goodness, is there?

  • glassjawsh

    getting props from the most hated writer on the site is on the level of getting a shout out from ted bundy or john wayne gacey before the warden flipped the switch

  • iamphoenix

    pussy fart because this comment won’t show up until I’m 30 years old.

  • roycegretzky

    This whole ‘challenging ESPN by revamping a channel nobody watches’ schtick is so bizarre. Didn’t/isn’t working for NBC, not gonna work for FOX, or CBS whenever they get around to investing more in CBS Sports. I like having more fights…but wouldn’t this be a good reason to not cut half the roster? Fight nights every week covering the span of like five months in addition to PPVs and all the other cards require a great deal of fighters, no?

  • frickshun

    These could be the official UFC B leagues where the low level guys go to cut their teeth. We’ll see better talent than most other orgs & the better guys will graduate to bigger fights. Moar fights is fine w/me, just don’t tell my wife.

  • agentsmith

    ^ That’s what Strikeforce should have been.