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Frank Mir vs Minotauro?

TAGG Radio is reporting that Frank Mir’s next opponent will be Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Which means that’s not really what’s going to happen. We’ve had a love hate relationship with the TAGG guys over the past few months … we love it when they report cutting edge news. But we don’t love it so much when it turns out they’re full of shit and completely wrong. So from now on whenever the source is TAGG Radio or any of the individuals involved in TAGG Radio, we will follow up by saying “this probably isn’t true”.

  • steve24

    Well I hope TAGG Radio is correct on this. Mir wanting to fight Kongo because he beat Cro Cop and thinks it will be an easy fight for him was disgusting to hear. The UFC saw right through that.

  • Rollo the Cat

    I’m a TAGG Radio fan. They do a different type of show and its fun to have Trigg abuse me in the chat room.

    I’d rather see Mir v Kongo. It would be an easy win for Mir and I would like to see him get built back up a bit before getting brutally destroyed by someone like AA. Plus, Kongo is so horrible a fighter, he doesn’t deserve the 1:1,000,000 chance to catch Nog.

  • garth

    i think mir would beat Kongo pretty easily myself. same with big nog. he’ll ball kongo up and put him in a box.

  • Dann

    Ryan — check out

    Mir’s camp is making a push for Kongo instead. (Sorry, we should have updated the original story.)

  • fightlinker

    Like they’re gonna give Kongo to Mir. Mir vs Minotauro makes sense … Kongo, not so much. Kongo just beat CroCop, so I’d expect him to get a re-signed Arlovski or the loser of Sylvia/Vera.

  • kentyman

    So both Sylvia and Vera?

  • Thomas

    They have to do SOMETHING with Big Nog. Randy is need of more heavyweights to pin aganist the cage and hug.

  • garth

    Thomas: Hug and destroy. Hug and destroy.

    that may be the best description of Randy’s style ever. From mockery comes truth, Thomas.

  • Terrence Halladay

    has anyone been more wrong about more news stories in mma than frank trigg?