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Frank Trigg does pro wrestling

As if having naked pictures of yourself floating around the web wasn’t embarrassing enough (and from experience, I can tell you it is), now we’ve got footage of Frank Trigg … doing the wrasslin’.

That’s right, Mr Trigg is now working for Total Nonstop Action, who seem to be trying to milk MMA’s popularity as much as they can. They had Marcus Davis on a while back to sell up the striking skills of “Samoa Joe”, and now they have Frank Trigg playing Kurt Angle’s lookalike. It’s all very lame, but hey … that’s pro wrestling for you. On the other hand, Frank Trigg is just naturally unlikable so in that way he’s a good fit for a bad guy in TNA.

More videos of the Triggster doing his thing are here.

  • Suparaf

    Trigg and Kurt Angle look like twins in this video

  • #1 Jackal

    “Damn You Kurt Angle”


  • kentyman

    Textbook ankle lock.

  • Aryan

    He was on the iron ring too. what a joke that was

  • el feo XIII

    they can’t anywhere near believably fake outrage anymore on a wrestling show…

    “I must be in Quahog, all I see are a bunch of hicks!”
    Oh you take that back, Macho Man Randy Savage!
    Doesn’t he make you so mad you just want to hit him?
    Well not him, because he’s big.
    But don’t you just want to hit the guy sitting next to you? Well, not him, he’s big too.
    But don’t you just want to hit his kid?
    Take that, Macho Man Randy Savage! You jerk!

  • Wu Tang

    he needs the money, so i dont blame him

  • Hammer

    as stated before. wouldn’t it be extremely freaky to have to fight this guy again. Especially if it went to the ground. What do you defend first??

  • bruceleesreincarnation

    Trigg is da man. That shit was funnyyyyy

  • Ted Dibiase

    id rather watch him on another reality dating show. he was hilarious on that show with mick jaeger old hag jerry hall.

  • Hammer

    trigg will do a gay porno by 2009.. bet on it..

  • crs

    Well, pro wrestling is pretty much softcore gay porn.

  • x_x

    well that explains last weeks rub out