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Frank Trigg was arrested

(Since we missed last night’s p0wntown, here’s Frank getting KO’d by Robbie Lawlor)

When allegations arose that Frank Trigg choked the shit out of his ex-wife, Frank went on the MMA Hour to defend himself from the charges. “I’ve never been arrested, I’ve never been picked up, I’ve never been convicted of anything ever in my life other than a speeding ticket,” he said. “That’s the only thing I’ve ever been convicted of. That’s it. So I don’t know where this other stuff is coming from.” Well, he can’t say that any more:

“Former Pride and UFC fighter Franklin Dewey Trigg III was arrested Wednesday on charges of battery resulting from an alleged domestic violence altercation that occurred back in October 2011. has confirmed with law enforcement Trigg is being held at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas on a $15,000 bond and is awaiting an Aug. 10 court date.”

The wheels of justice, they turn slowly. I dunno what the big hold up was. Frank’s ex had strangle bruises so severe you could probably pull prints off them.

  • MadMan

    Damn i love robbie lawlor! That last punch…fittingly ruthless :)

  • glassjawsh

    i like the part where frank gets punched in the face

  • Letibleu

    He’s fucked. Once a woman points the finger and levels an accusation (physical abuse or rape) it seems like the legal system always sides with her. The court of public opinion works the same way as well.

    It should be pointed out that this whole episode took place as they were in the middle of a divorce involving child custody. Not out of the realm of possibility that she staged this whole thing (did it to herself or had a friend do it) just to gain the upper hand in family court. Wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened.

  • ric sims

    i think Eazy-E said it best…i might be a woman beater, but i’m not a pussy eater…..

  • Reverend Clint

    he took choke a bitch literally

  • Wendy Brewer

    ShortBus- You should know a little more about the case before deciding that the woman is lying. And the reason they (the District Attorney’s office) waited this long was because they were waiting to have an air tight case. 80% of domestic battery cases never make it to the D.A., but this one is one of the few that make it. His daughter testified to a judge that she saw him choke her step mother unconcious and that he called her a “cunt” while she was lying, passed out, on the floor. She recalled vivid details of the event to the judge. And her story was 100% exact to the events that Nici recalled. He strangled her. It’s a fact. A sad fact, but none the less, a fact.


    I never said she was lying, I said it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

    Not saying the info you posted isn’t the truth, but there are 2 sides to every “story” and you seem to be emotionally involved in this thing.


    Frank Trigg is the most awesome fighter. He’s a solid person too. Someone I don’t mind my kids looking up to!

    ~ Wendy Brewer Wood!

  • noiseless

    the. lulz.

  • frickshun


    For the record, my wife once got so mad @ me that she threw a pint glass filled w/Coke across the living room directly in my vicinity (it missed). She NEVER did that again…….

    (cuz I never made her that mad again).

  • drunkenjunk

    damn wendy looks up to a wife beater.