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Frankie Edgar going to 145

I hate to say I told you so, but I FUCKIN’ TOLD YOU SO. After losing back-to-back fights to Ben Henderson and meeting any suggestion of dropping down to 145 with the old “Yo man, I WILL beat your ho ass into the ground” stare, it now appears that Frankie Edgar is vacating his longtime home of lightweight for the sandy beaches, scantily clad hunnies, and terrifying champion of the featherweight division.

Edgar confirmed as much while speaking to UFC Tonight on FUEL. Dana White has already said that Edgar will not be getting an immediate title shot, so that leaves many intriguing possibilities open. Frankie don’t need no stinking tune-up fights, so he’ll be getting a top guy. “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung-Jung is a possibility. Sure, Zombie earned himself a number one contender slot when he tapped out Dustin Poirier, and Edgar presents a massive challenge that could derail his title hopes, but life is full of shitty realities. Another good opponent would be Charles Oliveira, who impressed at lightweight before realizing he was too small and dropped to feather, where he’s earned two awesome submission wins.

This is a good move for Frankie. He could make weight simply by tugging one out in the morning.

  • Letibleu

    This is news? I guess we are all psychics here.

  • kvelertak

    Free title shot. why the fuck not.
    Guy has too much pride to wait this long.

  • Reverend Clint

    midget fight

  • voice of reason

    Frankie “I’m gonna go hold up another division with my points-fighting instead” Edgar

    I hope he gets destroyed by Aldo

  • noiseless

    i hate his short face

  • G Funk

    I love all the hate in here! HATE HATE HATE HATE!

  • TheButtStrangler

    Edgar is probably the best fight for Aldo until Aldo moves up.

    (Although I dont know much about Koch.)

    I agree that it will be the first real glimpse of how well all that flashy stuff does against a well rounded and solid guy without wide open holes in his game.

    Aldo could turn out to be the anderson silva of flyweight,
    absolutely impressive and devastating in an empty division.

  • randlemansvertical

    Frankie needs to shut the fuck up and go back to the pizzeria