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I goddamn HATE Urijah Faber. Maybe it’s because he’s a no good silver spoon sucking motherfucker. Or maybe it’s because he beats up guys who are too poor to even afford a gym membership at the gym his parents bought him. Or maybe it’s because he’s an 18-1-0 fighter who’s fighting a 3-0-0 guy at the next WEC event. Anyways, I don’t know the exact reason but regardless: Fuck you Urijah Faber. Fuck you and your disgusting chin.


    Bwahahaha. Tell him what you really think!

  • Fightlinker’s wrong


    You might want to check your facts about Urijah’s gym.

    Urijah didn’t borrow or get any money from his parents to create the gym.

    He used resourcefulness to find a money partner and took a big risk with that partner. That risk is being rewarded.

  • http://n/a Sharkstr

    ya faber is one ugly piece of shit, he would get his azz beat by any real fighter, hes got a good record cuz he fights 140lb guys….ask him wat happened against Tyson Griffin…0wndd!

  • kentyman

    That chin-hole serves a purpose. Much like Kalib Starnes’ forehead and Kevin Randleman’s side, you put your weed in there.

    And for Randleman, by “weed” I mean “corpse urine”.

  • kentyman

    What’s this “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” stuff about?

  • fightlinker

    As soon as you put two links in a post it ends up in the spam filter.

  • kentyman

    Well next time I do that, I’ll at least make sure it’s funny.