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Rather than watch UFC 76 last night I opted instead to go over to a friend’s house and play Dance Dance Revolution until 3 in the morning. I’ll be catching the replay sometime this afternoon and posting will resume as per usual sometime after that. Unless I get the urge to bust another phat groove on the DDR pad. Fuckin’ awesome.

  • Matt


  • Tommy

    You must have been over there with mania then huh.

  • Nigger Rob

    dude, you are running this site like a fucking moron. i mean, there’s a UFC event and you don’t post commentary/recap until a few days after?!
    get on the ball nigga, you should be all over UFC events like white on rice

  • Ted Dibiase

    yeah. get on the ball. ill be depending on you since ive been banned from mmajunkie. get your shit together before i call up Dog and Beth and tell them a fugitive is staying at your place.

  • marshal

    I hope you slipped on the DDR mat collided heads and are both twitching on the floor. How’s that for gratitude?

  • Erin

    Yeah! Damnit, you should be catering to our needs! Who cares that there’s 20 million other reviews out there, I need your specific brand of crazy. Especially since I’m too fucking lazy to do my reviews anymore.

  • garth-san

    damn racist game.

  • Tommy

    In all fairness he did say there would be down time on the site this weekend. Maybe his joke sent people over the edge. I’d rather read his jokes then mania’s gay lies though.

  • garth

    goofy internet website

  • Tommy

    So there’s no confusion.

  • Thomas

    This site is like Jon stewart’s The Daily Show of mma content just funnier

  • Jonathan

    Yeah! You suck!

  • Jonathan

    P.S. How did you do at Dance/Dance?

  • Lucinda Bassett

    When this site is inactive I get very very depressed. I am getting banned and warned at the other sites at an alarming rate (and for nothing really). I am becoming like a wounded, cornered animal here at Fightlinker.

  • Ted Dibiase

    thats it. i did it. cant wait to see you on Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth is smothering and sufficating you with her 50lb titties. shes like a no neck linebacker. watch out!

  • Eva Marano

    fuck we all know you watch that shit and is just as shock at the results that you can’t bring yourself to write anything positive…

  • TALC

    Don’t bother paying $50 FOR THAT BOREFEST! Get a hooker instead. “Knockout” pffffft!

  • GonzoDamon

    You’re a moron, TALC!!!! The two goofy-looking, one-dimensional morons having a piss contest was THE ONLY boring fight last night.

  • ThePlague

    You tard. Get with the program you little bitch. UFC 76 was better than any game out there (though I would have undersstood if Halo 3 was out already). This is the thanks I get for hitting up fightlinker before mmajunkie?

  • Hero2Zero

    Dude, get your friend’s penis out of your ass, and fill us in! F- MMAJUNKIE, this place is the shit…but you gotta keep us all moving got here waiting like bitches

  • fightlinker

    Opinions are like assholes, they’ll still be there tomorrow … just a bit more itchy and smelly.

  • Nigger Rob

    opinions may be like assholes, still there tomorrow … but fans of this website aren’t, and if it sucks then we won’t be here tomorrow

  • Matt

    Ill be here tom. just b/c I think it’s the best .com out there.