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G4 talks MMA blogs

Some show on G4 did a short feature on MMA blogs, and they picked Five Ounces, Cage Today, and some blogspot blog to feature. Five Ounces was a good pick – if you want to send your average TUF fan to one site in order to get educated, I’d say Five Ounces is probably the best option. But Cage Today? Cage Today???

Out of the 75 blogs I have on RSS feed, Cage Today doesn’t even rank in the top 40 list, and barely releases 4 posts a day (most of them links to pirated fights on youtube and dailymotion).

I’m not bitching and whining because we didn’t get picked … our particular brand of racist/sexist/generally offensive commentary is simply too WAWESOME for television. But they could have at least given props to one of the other major quality MMA sites like MMAJunkie or Fightopinion or BloodyElbow. Hell, if they were looking for different kinds of sites, they could have thrown in Payout, which is the best blog on the business side of MMA.

Anyways, I don’t know why I should expect these people to get anything right … one site out of three ain’t too bad for people that called Gina Carano a K1 fighter, Pride “the Pride” and Edwin Dewees “Edwin Dews”.

  • Accomando

    “Cage Today” must have sounded catchy to them, and Caplan probably greased someone one way or anther to get them mentioned on it.

  • Ryder

    In the same vein, i just read Men’s Fitness’ article on MMA……they named the UFC, BODOG Fights, and the IFL as the top three organizations.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah, Bodog is HUUUUUUUGE.

  • The Citizen

    Thats entertainment boys.

  • Yenny

    Those guys are put up some really good interviews.

  • johnny

    fight opinion is the best MMA blog EVA

    five ounces of pain is unreadable

  • JiuJitsu365

    Don’t worry fightlinker. You guys have a loyal following and if it is any consolation, I mentioned you guys on my site…..

    Even though I was consequently hammered for it by some of the jackals….

  • bmiller

    u guys are on wikiepdia. so you are getting bigger and bigger….

    look under popular media

  • vess

    Truth be told, I have never heard of fightlinker other than some comments made on FightOpinion. I decided to check this site out after one of your more witty remarks there which made me smile.

    Keep up the good work, reading your blog makes me laugh. :)

  • fightlinker

    We’re one of the many blogs that Zach popularized with links. I also decided to start blogging on account of all the intelligent things I had to say over in his comments section.

    But he’s still a grump!

  • bmiller

    whats wrong fightlinker, you dont like what i added in on wikipedia for ya???

  • fightlinker

    I liked it … just wanted to add one of the little grey boxes next to it

  • bmiller

    well i will do anything to help after recieving the great wedding advice from the dec. 3rd show

  • andres

    Did u see those fights??
    Haha that’s wat I said cage today cage today
    Come one fightlinker bitchh

  • dulljake

    did the advice really work bmiller?

  • fightlinker

    Well my advice was awesome. Total ban on results at the wedding and honeymoon day in bed watching all that sweet sweet MMA action.

  • Accomando

    “…They also uses the term “jackal” to describe those that frequent the site…”

  • Archivist

    “our particular brand of racist/sexist/generally offensive commentary is simply too WAWESOME for television”… And Amen to that. MMA news would lose their edge without the abrasive/ludicrous flavour on here and i’d be one miserable chap.

  • bmiller

    i havent used fightlinkers advice yet but on dec. 30th i will for sure take his advice. (or at least try to)

  • bmiller

    ill give the fightlinker jackals the results on how it went

  • robthom

    MMA on G$ is every bit as bad as MMA on mtv. Its only bad news.