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Gabriel Gonzaga is back in the UFC

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! When the gypsy curse knocks Rob Broughton off the UFC 142 card, replace him with Gabriel Gonzaga! This is one of those rare times where an injury has resulted in a much better fight. Gonzaga will be facing Edinaldo Oliveira, and let’s hope Gabe handles him as well as he handles bags of bread or bananas.

  • Reverend Clint

    gonzaga is a beter fighter but it must sting to be replacing a shitty fighter like Broughton

  • Letibleu

    he did teach me a better way of dealing with a banana, top down ass up.

  • Ilayda

    but thats real fighting if you ask any poilce officer, bouncer or people that have seen lots of real fights they will tell you that the vast mojority of fights start standing up but end up on the ground at some point. MMA isent all about a KO or a brawl every time. Boxing and kickboxing is more boring to watch for me then BJJ any day.

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